2001 Volvo S80 2.9L I6 from North America


Not worth it


Between 22,000 miles and 50,000 miles while the warranty was still in effect, many parts had to be replaced, too many to count. Big things though that just are mind boggling for such low miles though, were that struts in the suspension were replaced multiple times, and same with bushings and some bearings. Also light bulbs go out on a monthly basis, and the same with fuses.

Now between 96,000 and 104,000 is that the brakes make this hissing sound that no mechanic has been able to figure out, at 99,000 it needed a new transmission, also it has a low oil pressure problem that also can't be figured out. Also EVERYTHING rattles.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable, and it handles like no other, but it is just unreliable. It's also not a fast car by any means, I could lose a drag race to a bus.

For how much it cost in the beginning to how much it costs to keep it going, it's just not worth it, no matter what the safety or comfort, I could go and buy a Benz which will run me forever that's just as safe and almost as comfortable. A friend of mine has 2 Mercedes, both high miles and of older years than my Volvo, and they run like new, and all it was is regular maintenance, can't say that of my Volvo. They also just drive unbelievable, and I would rather have them than my Volvo, even though it drives almost as well.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2009

9th Sep 2009, 18:34

Your car must be my car's "twin". I have had basically the same identical problems with my 2001 S80 Volvo, all around the same mileages as you stated for the various problems, and then some like the alternator, volt reg, and battery needing to be replaced too.

My check engine light would come on and off, primarily in the summer months. I'd bring in to our local Volvo dealership. They would hook it up to their machine and find "nothing wrong", but still charge me $125 each time.

My transmission urgent service message came on at 116K. The Volvo service person said it would be around $5k for parts ($2900) and labor to replace. I asked him how urgent to replace the tranny, he said maybe 1-9 months depending... I'm at 121K (5 months) and it's slippin' bad.

Unlike you, I will not get the work done, and plan to just donate my car to the local auto mechanic vocational school in our area. Then, I plan to purchase a Honda, the car brand I drove before purchasing this Volvo.

26th Dec 2012, 17:14

I'm looking to buy a 2000 Volvo with 210,000 thousand miles. The guy told me it was highway miles with the S80 T6 Turbo, but I'm kinda afraid to buy this car from all the problems I've heard on here about them...

2001 Volvo S80 2.9 non-turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Class, elegance and comfort... That sadly, you will be paying for


So far I have had a few bad experiences with this car (and I have owned it only 6 months).

I the days leading up to summer, the ABS started playing up and eventually packed it in while I was driving in the rush hour traffic, displaying almost every warning light and putting me out of pocket of almost $1000 just to have the unit repaired.

During the summer, the car started to act up in the heat. It began to not want to start without three or more turns of the key. A problem that is yet to be resolved.

General Items:

- All 4 front suspension bushes

- Bits of plastic in the interior, which got sun damage and broke

- Front brake hoses

... AND a rear door panel, which sometimes comes off in one corner if you shut the door too hard.

General Comments:

I do like driving this car, but it has its downsides.

Overall the car is comfortable to drive and ride in.

Good visibility if you are traveling forwards, but you do need to turn around in your seat to reverse, the mirrors will not help you even if you are tall like I am.

The wide sides of the car will be a problem if you are not used to driving big cars.

The sound system is one of the best I have ever come across in a car before.

It has a comfortable driving position, and handles well (when it's not broken), both in rush hour traffic and in daily driving.

As for the cars reliability; I am not impressed. I have owned it only a short time and yet I have had to put more money into repairing it than I did with my Jaguar. Volvo really have let me down with this one. I won't be buying another Volvo for a very long time.

As for the dealership, they have been excellent. They have been sympathetic, patient and have managed to fix my car as soon as they possibly can, which has usually been within the day or up to three days for the bigger issues.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2009