V70 R 2.3 turbo

A family estate that can pull if you've left the kids at home..

506 words, Estonia

V70 Cross Country 2.4 low pressure turbo

Indestructible (when maintained)

107 words, North America

V70 2.5 10v

It looks smashing

254 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

V70 2.4 T (193 HP)

A good car with some annoying disadvantages

271 words, Finland

V70 2.5 20V 2.5

Volvo V70 - safety, reliability, cheap and sensational motoring

117 words, Australia and New Zealand

V70 T5 SE 2.3 turbo

Good car, let down by UK dealers

97 words, UK and Ireland

V70 R AWD estate 2.5 20v turbo petrol

Pick up the new fridge on the way back from a track day!

412 words, UK and Ireland

V70 SE 2.5 10v

Surprisingly cheap motoring for a luxury car

185 words, UK and Ireland

V70 2.5

Fast and reliable station wagon

69 words, Denmark

V70 TDi SE turbo diesel

A very economical and reliable flying machine

270 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

V70 CD 2.5T

First class, high performance, versatile estate car

139 words, UK and Ireland

V70 SE 2.5 10v

Comfortable, but poor quality and sluggish

59 words, UK and Ireland

V70 SE 2.5 10v

Comfy cruiser

284 words, UK and Ireland