2004 Volvo V70 D5 S 2.4 diesel from UK and Ireland


Would not recommend to anyone


Very poor starting and running, injectors replaced, no improvement.

Poor and spongy brakes.

Noisy rear suspension.

Aircon (climate control) refused to work.

Alarm / immobiliser constantly faulty.

Random error reports on dashboard.

Info centre works only intermittently.

Seat fabric wearing very badly.

Loads of trim rattles.

General Comments:

Very disappointing, poorly built and inadequate dealer support.

Slow and tiresomely noisy at most speeds.

Awful fuel consumption, all of the compromises of diesel, but none of the claimed advantages.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 27th August, 2005

31st Jul 2007, 09:09

Surprised by some of the comments here. I own a D5. The engine pulls pretty hard and I've owned a 170bhp Nissan 200SX, 155bhp Alfa 156, 138bhp Toyota MR2, 150bhp Nissan Almera GTI. All fairly swift cars. Perhaps yours was running off the boil, or you're other car is an Evo or something? The only car in the list above which pulls like my D5 was the turbo'd 200SX, and that had much more lag. The last couple of inches of pedal travel in the accelerator allows mine to be a bit of a hooligan's car, spinning fat front wheels in 2nd gear in the dry.

Also, noisy? On the motorway at 70-80 mph its very hushed in my opinion.

19th Jul 2012, 11:42

Hi. Your comments were excellent and very educative.

Off the top of my head, I know the V70 diesel engine was originally sourced from Audi. It had 5 cylinders with a displacement of 2460cc, power was rated 136/140 BHP, and about 200 or so Nm of torque at 1900 RPM.

What about fuel consumption, reliability, build quality, etc.?

I am contemplating buying one, and would like some owner info/experiences. Your answers would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

20th Jul 2012, 07:49

Hi - to the above commenter. You are initially correct in that the original V70 diesel was an Audi unit, however that was soon dropped for Volvo's own 5 cylinder unit in 2000. If badged a D5, it's a Volvo engine and it's EXCELLENT!

My 2003 V70 D5 has just turned 230,000 miles, and still doesn't smoke and returns 45 MPG (hardish driving) as well as good power. I saw a 2005 S80 D5 with 520k miles for sale the other day!

Best with a manual gearbox in my opinion, but either way, mine has no wear to the seats or interior, and everybody who goes in it can't believe the miles.

I have converted two Mercedes driver's into a V70 because of this car. Nothing German can match it, especially as this car is SO much cheaper in the first place.

Volvo for life.

2nd Nov 2012, 08:47

I think this reviewer must have had something seriously wrong with his. I have never heard anyone say that a D5 is slow!!!

On top of this, it was a beautiful car to drive. Quiet and refined.

2004 Volvo V70 Aktiv 2.5turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Luxury and practicality in one package


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

The 2.5 turbo is smooth & has plenty of power.

Extremely comfortable.

One of the best sound systems I've heard in a long time.

Cabin is very well insulated from outside road noise.

A very practical family vehicle.

Kids love the booster seats.

Feels solid on the road.

Handles extremely well for it's size.

Fuel consumption is great on highway, but a little heavy around the city.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 8th August, 2005

2004 Volvo V70 2.5T 5 cylinder Gas 2.5L from North America


NOT Recommendable


Radio unexpectedly changes channel

Driver seat (leather) wearing. The finish is rubbing off.

General Comments:

The drivers seat; A more perfect torture device may exist, but I doubt it. Unlike my previous Volvo's, with their supportive comfortable perches, this seat seems to take every opportunity to make me uncomfortable. I find myself fiddling constantly with the power controls in search of an elusive comfortable seat combination. Amazingly, I find the passenger seat very comfortable.

The Key: What a devilishly clever little knee-capping device. Sticking straight out from the steering column it sits precariously, and threateningly in front of and adjacent to my knee. It leaves me no space to put my leg except hard up against the insanely over-sized center binnacle. Not exactly a sample of good ergonomic design.

The Steering: What was Volvo thinking of when designing this vehicle. Truck or Tractor? I cannot decide which. But this vague, heavy and cumbersome steering mechanism does not even hint at, nor is their even a pretense, of steering a car. If you want to have some sense of the road through the steering wheel, pass on this car.

The Ride: Well, mostly comfortable, until one encounters a slightly uneven surface pavement. Heaving, weaving, and bobbing all over the road are not manners that I would ascribe to a premium automobile approaching $50k (Cdn). But I can't blame the suspension components entirely, the insensitive steering seems to have some blame in this cacophony of uncontrolled body motions.

The Radio/CD: Nice little piece. For a Hyundai. Shrill, cheap, unconventional and simply not tolerable. I don't turn it on anymore. I bring a Walkman.

The Engine/Performance: More suited for a tractor, I guess. Sure, it pulls furiously from a stop. But when running at low speed, it jerks, surges, or hesitates (not necessarily in that order). It either starts off with the wheels squealing, with even the slightest touch of the gas pedal. Or it waits interminably for the transmission to catch up. It can NEVER seem to find just the right gear for the intended engine requirement.

I really loved my '99 V70. Which was why I chose an '04 V70. Sorry, not again. The '99 didn't ride all that great, but at least it was controlled, nimble and a pleasure to drive, and had a GREAT drivers seat. Even our S40 was somewhat of a disappointment. But I don't blame Volvo completely as the S40's DNA was tainted with some Japanese origination. Which I was aware of when purchased. But, then I am not complaining about that car. Though, repairs to the braking system nearly broke the bank.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 4th July, 2004

31st Aug 2004, 16:53

You sound like a Audi dealer or something. Buy a Maybach next time, if one of the best car's on this segment isn't good enough for you.

I have driven a V70 2002 for 1000's of km's'in and I disagree with most of your comments. The V 70's seats are better than in any other European car in the price segment. The ride - it's sporty, but not even close to uncomfortable. The radio/CD-player - best "standard" factory system I've seen or heard, expect S70's. Automatic transmission and the motor's - top of the line.

And remember it's an European car made for "European taste" - most buyers here prefer sporty ride over soft, firm, but comfortable seat's over too soft etc...