31st Mar 2005, 10:26

No, I'm not an Audi dealer! I just don't think this Volvo, (2004 V70, 2.5T) is up to past quality or reputation. I have direct experience with at least 3 previously owned Volvos including a '99 V70 (a much better car) At almost 50k Kms. I haven't changed my mind, much, on the '04.

I had a Buick owner drive my car to Montreal and back to Toronto last weekend. His first comment. "The steering feels just like mine." He felt right at home. GAWD!!

5th Jul 2005, 20:04

Buicks are the most comfortable American cars made!

11th Jul 2005, 08:31

Well, after wearing out the original Michelin tires I have replaced them with Continental Touring Conti CH95's. Now with about 3000 clicks on the new tires.

Finally, I am beginning to like this Volvo. I am now convinced that many of the complaints on my list of complaints with this car are directly related to the tires.

From the beginning, the car had no road feel at the steering wheel, rode harshly (especially over expansion strips), was noisy, and was hard to control the direction in a straight line (especially over broken pavement).

Since replacing the tires, the car is quiet, it rides MUCH better, I can get some sense of the road through the steering wheel, and IT NOW DRIVES IN A STRAIGHT LINE without constant corrections. True, the handling is a tad less precise, but not enough to make a negative impression.

SO, my advice to you, dear Volvo owner, Get rid of the Michelin MXV4 tires. Junk.

Apologies to Volvo on these issues found to have been caused by the tires. It causes me to wonder if anyone at Volvo even tested the Michelins before authorizing their installation. I am still unable to find a comfortable position in the drivers seat, and the radio problem seems to have fixed itself.

11th Aug 2006, 11:24

Glad to hear you changed your mind. Well, can't argue with your comment on volvo tyre's choice; could be better. Well, I' still can't figure it out, why your's diver seat is uncomfortable. In my V70 T5 (which is in my opinion, great car in all aspects), there is the most comfortable seat I ever sat in.

17th Jan 2007, 08:29

OK, we're now within a whisker of hitting 100k Kms. The seat, finally, was replaced by Volvo. I turns out there was too much padding in the right shoulder of the seat back. It's better now.

The Continentals that replaced the Michelin are better at everything, except they get noisier as they wear down. Unbearable after 35k's.

Radio still a piece of junk. But channel hopping has disappeared.

After sitting in an Audi for a couple hundred kliks I found the Volvo "noisy" in comparison.

Only had to replace pads and rotors. No failures of any kind.

I really hate the steering. Heavy, imprecise, demanding full time attention just to keep it on a straight line.

Worse, the dealers here charge $300 (Cdn) for an oil change and tire rotation. They couldn't explain what the charges were for, except to mumble that they also did spark plugs, tuning, checking etc. At every oil change? Ridiculous. Rip off. Went elsewhere.


HVAC with dual controls is impeccable. Gas mileage is phenomonal. City: 28mpg. Hwy: 35mpg. Relatively fast at the stop light. Traction control works well in poor conditions. Great storage with lots of space in the back. I really like the storage bins under the floor. Since the seat fix, driving (except for steering issues) has been very comfortable. Paints looks as good today, as new (except for the dent in the right rear door from a shopping cart).

I am replacing this vehicle within the next 4 months. Not looking at Volvo. I wish I could by a '99 V70 brand new, but must look elsewhere.

17th Jan 2007, 11:52

Good luck with your next purchase. Hope it's as reliable as your Volvo has been!

9th Mar 2007, 20:46

Only a few more weeks with the Volvo and it's on to something new. Looks like I'll have to eat some earlier words. I made an earlier remark about the Volvo radio more suited to a Hyundai. After recently driving an '07 Santa Fe, I would now say that the Hyundai radio is exactly what I expect nearly $50k would get you. For $28k. (CDN).

After driving and examining very closely, Volkwagen Passat Wagon, Mazda CX-7, Toyota RAV4, Suzuki Gr. Vitara, Ford Edge, Saturn Outlook, and Chrysler Pacifica, I will be buying a fully loaded Hyundai Santa Fe. You'll see my comments on this in the Hyundai section soon.

Goodbye Volvo. I have very mixed feelings about my '04 V70 2.5T. And very negative feelings about the Volvo dealers and their expensive everything (oil changes included). Though I still pine for my old '99 V70.

17th Aug 2007, 10:33

Agree with the comments on the tyres. I have a 2003 V70 2.5T AWD. The steering, ride and handling was appaling on the factory fitted Pirellis. After throwing them away after 15K miles and fitting Bridegestone Potenzas it was like buying a new car. The ride was still firm, but not uncomfortable, the car now goes where you steer it when you turn the wheel, not 10 minutes later and the handling is fun. As a side benefit the average fuel economy improved by 10% also. One more tip for V70 owners with the AWD or Turbo engines. Check the four wheel alignment every 12k miles. It usually needs adjusting and makes a big difference to handling and economy.

19th Aug 2007, 03:47

I agree. Wheel alignment is not Volvo's strong point. Either that or I hit a lot of potholes while driving.

But wheel alignment is relatively cheap; I had it checked every 45,000 kilometers and it does make a difference.

19th Oct 2010, 08:59

I just bought a 2002 V70 and I'm having some problems.

Sometimes it will not let me take the key out of the ignition and will not let me shift from park to reverse it just locks up. Also, when I'm driving sometimes it jerks pretty hard when it's going to other gears.

Other than that I love the car, I just wish I could get these kinks out.

20th Oct 2010, 07:51

I don't get these reviews. In all luxury car brands, after 5 years of ownership or out of warranty, these cars are expensive to fix. Make friends with the dealership mechanics and see if they work part-time on the side for cash. Believe me, if you go to the stealership, the mechanic will make their money regardless. Don't go to service and make a work order, and then cry about the bill. Volvo's are safe cars that cost a lot to maintain. No, I'm not a mechanic, but I drive a luxury car, and spend a fraction of cost on repairs compared to most.

27th Dec 2012, 00:16

We have had 6 Volvo cars, and by far the V70 2.5 LPT is the most comfortable.

The engine is quiet and pulls well, and has adapted to my driving quickly.

The right automatic synthetic oil is a must. I have just added a transmission cooler as well. Up in front of the other units, so it cools well.

I'm slowly changing the oil to pure synthetic, rather than flushing, which can be a problem.

Love driving it, and the air conditioning is great.

My old 740 turbo 1990 sedan is still going well, and NO rust, unlike my son's Ford Falcon, which is a rusting 2005.

Economy with new plugs (Iridium) and K&N filter is good. Synthetic engine oil helps.