1st Jan 2013, 05:09

Did you have your front end aligned as you should have when replacing tires?

If so, could this have been the reason for the poor steering?

3rd Nov 2014, 16:27

No, the steering was lousy from the first day.

3rd Nov 2014, 21:17

I must confess that changing from a Volvo to a Hyundai baffles me! True, Hyundai are making much better cars now, but even so!

I recently sold my 2005 V70, which has close to 296,000 miles on the clock and was spectacular for a car with those miles. Never broke down and was supremely comfortable. Upgraded to an XC90, which so far is proving a class act in what it's designed to do.

I did look at a Santa Fe and it was an OK car, but the quality wasn't there. No 'little' touches that I'd miss after a Volvo, and certainly nowhere near as comfortable. It is a cheaper car, but my family travels with me and the Volvo gives me something the others can't - piece of mind! Especially when it comes to safety, and no one can put a value on my family's lives. All cars have to meet current safety regulations, but some take it that much further and my XC90 is one of those.

As for stereos - Past V70 owner, find a Volvo fitted with the Dynaudio system (like in my wife's V50) and it will blow your socks off!!!

2nd Dec 2014, 05:15

You're right about previous Volvo audio systems. My '99 V70 had the best they made for that model year (not sure what they labelled it). My teenage kids preferred to sit in the car in the driveway to listen to their tunes. And that's saying a lot, since I had a state of the art $8k stereo system in the den.

But, I stand by my previous statement. My Santa Fe was a better car than the 2004 V70 I had. I will never get over the Volvo's tiring and inaccurate steering that made every trip, short or long, a chore. On the other hand, once the seat back was replaced, the comfort was just as good as the '97. And, it was reliable.