22nd Dec 2011, 20:57

For the last 8 years, no model of any Volvo has had a gearbox issue. Do not make incorrect statements please.

23rd Dec 2011, 22:46

The way cars are designed and built now, I don't think making an "incorrect statement" was the intention of an earlier comment. Car makers can often carry over components, which can keep giving problems.

Good to know Volvo's sorted out the tranny issue. This site is good for reading on both issues and any fixes.

7th Jan 2012, 02:13

My cousin bought one of these so that the family would have at least one all wheel drive vehicle for winter weather. His wife stole it from him and wouldn't give it back, so he bought another one for himself, and now they have two identical XC60's. They could afford to buy any vehicle they like, and after driving Audi, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Infiniti, Lexus, etc. they LOVED the Volvo most. I was able to use one of them for a week last summer and enjoyed it a lot. I prefer a regular car to an SUV or crossover, myself, but I can understand why people who have them rave about them.

7th Apr 2014, 03:38

Older Volvo vehicles were plagued with transmission issues. The reason is Volvo never had a transmission fluid service program. Wear particles in the 'life time' fluid, got stuck in the solenoids module of the transmission and caused those to fail anywhere from 80k miles, unless the vehicle was mostly driven on the highway.

It seems the transmissions on all new Volvo vehicles still don't have a fluid service maintenance program suggested by Volvo. That is worrying. As long as you replace the fluid every 40000 miles, you should be hassle free (which is about 3-4 times in the life of the vehicle).

14th Apr 2016, 02:56

I gotta a message TRANSMISSION SERVICE REQUIRED and my shift stuck on the 3rd gear. When it gets cooled down, it gets back working again, but as soon as it warms up a little bit, the message comes ON the display and the gear gets stuck again. It is a Volvo XC60 T6 2011. Could you please help me out?

14th Apr 2016, 18:46

I think you have a solenoid sticking. What is likely happening is as the temperature rises, the plunger and the coil expands and the clearance disappears, freezing the solenoid in the current position. THIS DOES NOT mean you need a full transmission rebuild, just replacement of that solenoid.

14th Apr 2016, 19:48

Get it to a dealer or a competent independent mechanic who can run diagnostics on it. Get to the problem before it gets worse, it may simply be a failed sensor.

15th Apr 2016, 11:07

Thanks buddy!

15th Apr 2016, 11:08

I did. They are working on it! Thanks.