5th Mar 2017, 22:12

There is this owner who had the Geartronic transmission fail on a 2013 XC60 at 75000 miles. Hopefully an isolated incident.


24th Nov 2017, 14:02

For the 'hardly any deal' above. You could hardly be more away from the truth. Just search on Google about the XC60 windshield leak. I suggest doing so to any future potential buyer, google 'XC60 problems' and take 5 minutes to read the various forums and car complaints sites. Don't listen to people posting here that there are no problems with the XC60; these are just the brand supporters and they will never accept the true facts. The XC60 has a problematic windshield from the factory; the seal around cannot stick properly to the glass because the glass has an improper coat to it. There are XC60 owners who had the glass replaced 3 times by Volvo and it's still leaking. Once the warranty is over, it is a $1000 job that Volvo will NOT cover. It is suggested to replace the windshield with an aftermarket one that doesn't have the problematic coat. But that is not all. Water will leak under the floor carpets while the top is still dry. Another very common and very problematic issue with the XC60: Volvo wants $1000 to remove and dry the carpet.

Now let the people who will say they never had a single issue with the XC60 comment. Trust them and pay from your pocket, or google up and find yourself about the real issue first hand. That's how you find the problems, not from people who can say anything here just to defend a brand.

24th Nov 2017, 19:34

By all means, read car forums which discuss common problems - that's how a lot of issues are found out as common. But to say that those who come to this site are necessarily brand supporters? People get nothing out of posting here. There is no "Like" to tick, no credibility rating, not even the name of the reviewer. It's the perfect place to yell out if your car is a dog, and people do. There are certainly cars with problems that occur. But have you ever considered it is not necessarily inevitable that every single car manufactured will have some or all of those problems, or any? There must be enough cars out there that don't have problems (or major ones at any rate) for people to keep buying them. But also check out the mileage - there are posts where people bought them at high mileage, where the common problem/s have afflicted the previous owner/s and got them fixed, perhaps permanently. Check out GM - for decades, Consumer Reports has Chevy models having reliability of "much worse than average," yet Chevy survives, and there are people who keep buying them. Brand supporters/fanboys? Well, if they've had what they feel is a good run, that's what turns them into one. Because Volvo certainly isn't spending money on them.

14th Jan 2018, 17:57

People get nothing out of posting here? Haven't you heard in 2017 (now 2018) about 'brand fans' ? It can be about any item or subject, for Airbus/Boeing fan base to celebrity fan base. You must not be reading the internet to not be aware of what a fan base means. Do you think a Subaru fan who says he never had a single repair needs to receive money to post such a thing? I feel awkward for having to explain such a basic thing, but here it goes: many fan boys always post only good things and often time lies just to make their brand appear better on a public place. They do it just to 'represent' and embellish something they own. Much like kids say my dad has more this or that than your dad.