29th Jul 2009, 10:59

OK I'm coming in with 148,000 on the clock and I love my 2002 XC70. I picked it up from a friend with approx 40,000 on the clock and the rest has been down to me. Trips from England (Gloucester) to France (Bordeaux) have accounted for a fair proportion of that, but I do an 80 mile round trip to work on a daily basis. Problems?

Yeah there have been a few. The rear suspension rods, shocks etc have been replaced - XC may stand for Cross-Country, but a Land Rover it isn't! Currently have a problem with the GPS that seems to have gone walkabout - won't read the NAVTEQ disc, but apart from that still my favourite VOLVO from a long list of past cars.

3rd Jan 2010, 14:29

We are 83k miles into a 2002 XC70. Repairs other than brakes/tires are fuel pump (recall), gas fill cap, alternator, leaky fuel tank gaskets. Was planning to keep car for another 30-40k miles, but the cost of repairs (transmission and drive train items, turbo) scare me. Anyone survived through to 120k miles and have experience with these items surviving?

6th Feb 2010, 07:33

My 2002 XC70 has 205000 km on the clock and I have just had a gearbox failure - it disintegrated. I have been told that this can happen if the tyres are not always equally inflated - a very sensitive area for the Volvo transmission. Other than that problem, it is a marvellous car and I will keep driving it as long as I can. For comfort and space in a car, nothing beats it.

8th Mar 2010, 05:10

Our 2003 XC70 has 120,000 quiet kms and the auto box has just given up the ghost.

For 20,000 kms the box has been searching between second and third gears as soon as you lift off the accelerator, or going into and coming out of corners. In the last few days, it cannot decide which gear most of the time.

Using the tiptronic didn't really solve the problem. Gears would still go in with a big clunk. The dealer proposes to replace the sealed "unserviceable" box for $8,000.

An independent believes that he can rebuild for as little as $1,500 if the problem turns out to be a bush or the solenoids, or no more than $6,500 for full rebuild. Will make a decision in the next 24 hours who will do the work. It may be a no-brainer.

Our beloved 1988 240 estate has 340,000 kms on the clock with the original engine and gearbox. Same drivers. No major work to either component.

4th Apr 2010, 14:59

Own a 2002 XC70. Bought from dealer who told us the owner's wife drove it. It had only 7500 miles on it at the time we purchased it.

At 33000 miles I told our dealer that shifting seemed bad and it was probably a transmission issue. They specifically said no problems and the car continued to drive poorly.

At 64000 miles, had transmission fluid drained and replaced, this did not fix problem. Car continued to worsen, and in August of this past year we replaced the transmission with approximately 75000 miles on car.

Well, Friday we picked up the XC70 from having transmission control module, 2 ignition coils and 5 spark plugs replaced. As well as front brakes and rotors, though pads replaced only 1 year and 3 months ago. Guess what, limp mode and check engine and transmission service required lights came on again today.

We have thrown over $10,000 into this car in since Dec. 2008, and probably $5000 in the year before that.

Good luck all!

3rd May 2010, 21:07

3 Jan 2010.

In response to the Jan 3, 2010 comment. Yes... I've experienced ALL of what you have and SOOOO MUCH more.

We've survived 122,000 miles, but it's cost us thousands and thousands with no end in sight.

Faulty design (front axle) $1,700.

Disintegrated bushings, bearings, struts, strut mounts $2,000.

2 transmission complete oil services, $1,400.

Transmission problems from the start, but was so intermittent that the lurching & surging couldn't be duplicated.

Bought the car brand new, and had tranny problems out of the gate.

Now.. Lord only knows what's wrong with the car. It has some whirring noise that sounds EXPENSIVE.

R U N...



31st May 2010, 07:27

Purchased a new XC70 in 2002 (fully optioned), traded an 850R (1996) and kept the 1996 850 Wagon.

8 years on the 850 (1996 CD wagon), runs well, and the 2002 XC70 Wagon has been a real black hole (my accountant laughs at me each year when I lodge a return with the repair bills on the car).

Front bushes replaced after 2 years ($1200 Australian).

Engine mounts.

New tyres (full set every time).

I had intended keeping the car for long time, but the valve body started causing sloppy gear changes. After the software upgrade and new gearbox oil, I was faced with the approx $10,000 repair (new valve body, tyres, tuneup etc). I was so so angry, and with little care from dealer I read this forum (enough was enough).

Managed to get $12,000 trade (no payout) - with an option for a $10,000 repair that same week. The car limped to the new car dealer. I was sad to say goodbye. I still have the 850 Wagon - it runs like a dream.

Make up your own views, but the XC70 is a real Volvo lemon, this experience has put me off Volvo for life.

Sorry guys, you got this one real wrong. It's hard on repairs, over engineered, heaps of over steer, hard to tow and reverse, and the worst side vision for the driver for merging traffic. My wife almost gets choked with the seatbelt (yes she is short).

Lots of safety features.

Heavy on the road, and wide and long to park in shopping complexes.

This is my 3rd Volvo and my last. There are much better offerings in this market segment - for half the price with just as much safety.

All XC70's have been adversely affected by the faults, and it has seriously damaged the Volvo brand. Funny, the XC90 is based on the same mechanics (I pity these owners).

We all make mistakes, but it should not be be a premium WORLD car manufacturer that prides itself with innovative engineering, manufacturing a car with so many basic problems well before the car's acceptable use by date, and charging such a premium for the car and repairs.

Traded in at 117,000 Km and was planning to keep it for 240,000 km. - Goodbye Volvo - Hello VW - (6 years warranty) and half the price. Great forum! (I wish I kept my 850R )

1st Jun 2010, 03:12

While the above comment is valid - it's a shame that someone would not buy another model of car from the same manufacturer just because they have brought a lemon... he even stated that the 850 he had was great! I have had several Volvo's, which also currently include a 2007 V50 and 2005 S60 R, and both are near perfect and complete value for money - both have all the toys and nothing has gone wrong with either - I am definitely a Volvo for life man, as I have no reason to be anything else.