24th Jun 2010, 14:36

2002 Volvo XC, 110,000 miles and every problem reported. It's not a mater of just buying a lemon, and then refusing to purchase the brand again. It's the fact that Volvo refuses to stand behind it's product. Repairs are continuous and absurdly expensive. We have had to fight Volvo and the dealership at every turn, and nearly always come out the loser. They will not acknowledge the problems with the car and refuse to be proactive or fair in fixing them. Just the time I have wasted trying to keep this car running has probably cost me thousands in lost productivity alone.

I'll agree the older model Volvos were reliable cars, but I cannot afford to risk another $50,000+ and approximately $10,000 in repairs again. Unfortunately, since Volvo refuses to pay for fixing these problems, or even acknowledge there are problems, they have lost another once loyal customer.

26th Jun 2010, 22:35

I have a 2002 XC70 that I purchased pre-owned in 2006, with a 3 year, 60,000 km warranty. I love the car, but am glad I purchased the extended warranty. The angle-gear was replaced, which without the warranty would have cost $3,000. Other than that, a few things have been fixed, but nothing serious. I am hoping to keep this car for another 10 years.

Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

22nd Jul 2010, 07:10

Out of tens of thousands units sold worldwide each year, it's probably natural for some to be bad across all brands, and those that end up with the lemon are most vocal. We have a 99 Cross Country with 190K miles and 02 Cross Country with 135K miles. We have both serviced by a local mechanic, and have experienced few problems other than routine maintenance.

It's important to note that expensive cars are so for a reason, they cost more to build, and thus will cost more to maintain. With that in mind, it pays to shop around and avoid the dealer when possible for service. We needed the catalytic converter replaced in the 99 recently -- dealer estimate = $1200. I had it done locally for $120 -- a tenth of the cost!

It's easier than ever to source parts online and find reputable private mechanics. Still, I sympathize with the commentators on this thread. If I experienced their same problems, I would be angry, too! Volvo could improve by considering the lifetime value of a customer and work to resolve complaints more amicably. It's probably a lack of resources that prevents them from doing so, rather than a callous disregard for their customers.

Good luck all, thanks for sharing your comments -- it helps us all make better purchasing decisions.

1st Aug 2010, 20:37

Volvos have long been known to be HIGH quality vehicles, and it is so disheartening to read so many bad comments about them. I am on my 4th -- a new to me 2002 XC70... the car feels like it surges and doesn't get power at the start -- like the tranny is jumpy. I'm going to call the dealership regarding fuel pump recalls and transmission problems. But PLEASE, PLEASE report any complaints about failures and excessive repairs to the highway safety department, so that recalls can be issued, and consumers don't continue to flip the bill for crummy workmanship! http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/

16th Aug 2010, 01:41

2001 V70, 2002 XC70. Both have a similar transmission problems, first at 120k, second at 90k.

I still have a question - most people report transmission problem on this cars - why it is still not under recall?

22nd Aug 2010, 08:35

I've had my 2002 XC70 since new, and have 160,000 miles on it. Only had minor issues - routine tire/brake replacements, front struts, motor mount. Change the oil every 3k, transmission fluid 45k, antifreeze 3 years. I feel bad reading all the comments, as I felt that this was the best car I ever owned.

11th Nov 2010, 11:38

We have acquired a one-owner 2002 XC 70, at just over 100.000 miles. Already, the transmission is not smooth-shifting. A Volvo dealer has hooked into the computer, and supposedly all is well.

We'll keep you posted.

17th Sep 2011, 20:40


We have a 2002 V70 XC. Had to have the transmission rebuilt at 117,000. Drove for 3 days, and back to the shop. This happened 4 times in total within 3 weeks. It was rebuilt at a transmission shop with a very good reputation. The transmission still clanks going from reverse to forward.??

The transmission shop does not have an answer. It has cost over 1000 out of pocket (we had a service contract). Over 1000 dollars in rental cars. We have receipts for all this. If you are going with a class action suit, please let me know!

Contact me @ cinicolod@hotmail.com

30th May 2012, 06:16

You removed the wrong bolt and disconnected the shift band.

2nd Jun 2012, 01:55

Volvo transmissions need a software update, for shifting problems. The dealer sells the software, and then charges you again to install it. I have owned two 2002 V70XC. I have had good luck with Red Line ATF for Volvo spec.

2nd Oct 2012, 05:49

Volvo considers these a no service item for the transmissions. They are a fill for life. They are very fragile, and I have heard those who changed the fluid, get the same problem you experienced. But those who have not done any transmission fluid changes, have not had issues. That being said, there must be something changing within the fluid itself, that keeps the higher mileage trannys lubricated, that the new fluid cannot do.

11th Jul 2013, 16:05

Most transmissions never require fluid changes. To do so can damage them. I've never changed fluid in any of mine, including some with well over 200,000 miles. Never had a single problem ever.