28th Sep 2010, 00:06

Volvo XC90 T6 2004 - Everyone wants a class action, but no-one's telling how far they get with this! If we want to join the bandwagon, we need to be told who to speak to and where to start. I'm in Australia, and if I can find out where you're having successes in claims and reimbursements in the USA, I'll be able to push here in Australia for our poor XC90 owners. Please someone post something practical!

29th Sep 2010, 21:09

Has anyone started a class action law suit? If so, how do others join?

26th Oct 2010, 17:05

Can't believe that the gear just died in less than 45,000 miles... Not reliable when pulling. Poor Capacity. Very disappointed.

4th Jan 2011, 16:26

Had 2 2004 Volvo XC90, one 2.5T and another T6 - both needed a transmission. Would gladly join the class action lawsuit.

18th Jan 2011, 14:11

I just got my 04 Volvo XC90 in a private sale. Same problem that you guys have; tranny service urgent. I haven't done anything on it yet. But when I read all the comments about this crap, it's worse than I thought. What should we do? Let me know. Thank you.

3rd Feb 2011, 09:09

Call Volvo... my car was repaired at no cost.

12th Feb 2011, 21:45

I too had to replace my tranny on my 2004 XC 90, cost was $4,793.69. Also many parts under the car, including driveline. Also wiper motor, fuel tank leakage system and now the key will not turn off, whenever it feels like it! And the dealership says I'll have to order a part from Europe! No one can believe this car!!! I've owned many Volvos, but never a problem! This car is in the shop constantly, and SO costly! Thousands! Only good thing is the car looks good. Definitely Volvo should stand by this product! I'd be in the poor house if I hadn't bought a warranty!

26th Apr 2011, 00:37

Same issues with my 2004. I was told it was a nuisance, but not dangerous.

26th Apr 2011, 13:54

Volvo was bought by Ford, since then quality has slipped.

Older Volvos could make it to 400k without any major drivetrain problems; the new ones barely make it to 100k without any major drivetrain issues.

As for the guy who used his Volvo to tow a trailer, what were you thinking? Of course you are going to have problems, use a full size truck if you want to tow something without causing serious damage to your car.

14th Sep 2012, 06:58

I also have issues with my tranny - paid nearly $4,000 to get it fixed after Volvo wiped their hands of me, but assured me they were sorry for my issue blah blah.

There is a recent victory relating to a class action in the USA. I think it's time we have one in Australia.