7th Apr 2008, 12:44

Add me to the list of failed T6 transmissions. 2004 XC90 T6 with 88,000+ miles.

8th Apr 2008, 22:50

Add me to the list. Has a class action been filed? 2004 XC 90 T6 with 55K miles. I only bought this 9 months ago, did research, but obviously not enough because I didn't identify this issue. I'm waiting for a price, but I'm already in shock after seeing the prices in these posts...

18th Apr 2008, 13:22

I am very sorry to read about all of these transmission issues with Volvo's clearly incompetent engineering. But on the other hand, thank you, all of you, since I was considering a 2008 Volvo XC90. ALL of their vehicles are no longer a consideration, and I'm happy to say Volvo will not be getting $40 thousand plus from me. Thanks again for this great site. Toyota, BMW here I come!

21st Apr 2008, 03:31

Hi everyone, has any one heard of this gearbiox issue with the D5 diesel versions? As far as I can tell, it only appears to be on the T6 (people only buy the Diesel version here in the UK). My XC90 D5 is up to 63,000 miles and is the best vehicle by far and I have only heard of happy customers (200,000 miles +) here!

21st Apr 2008, 17:23

I have a 03 XC90 T6 and my transmission went out at 78,000. I have an extended warranty and they will be replacing it. Is it worth keeping or does everyone recommend trading in? I'm afraid I won't get what it's worth. Comment please.

22nd Apr 2008, 05:41

I would keep as the car is a great vehicle. If the gearbox is the only issue, keep the car. I can't find a better car when it comes to comfort, safety and practicality. The reliability is great - possibly change for a newer one though!

29th Apr 2008, 23:06

Add me to the list. Our 04 T6AWD transmission light just came on and the car is not driving right. I have not taken it in to the dealer yet. Not looking forward to paying 4000.00+ to fix this piece of crap. Has anybody had the transmission replaced at a shop other than the Volvo dealer? If so was it any cheaper?

5th May 2008, 20:53

Well you'll love this. Decided last week to trade 2005 Acura MDX with 96,000 miles for 2004 XC 90 with 51,000. Very nice XC 90 lots of things my wife and I liked better about the XC versus MDX. The XC 90 drove great for about 36 hours. My wife takes off for the day and gets about 100 miles from home and the "Service Transmission Urgent" message pops up. She gets to her destination, I call the local Volvo dealer and they say to tow it over. After a quick diagnosis they say that it needs a new transmission. Obviously, I am not the original owner...however, I did buy an extended warranty. Then the extended warranty company denied the claim due to the "pre-existing condition". Of course Volvo said sorry...it's out of warranty... there is nothing we can do. Would you believe the Chevrolet dealer that I bought it from is going to pay for the repairs. What a "stand-up" dealer they are!!! Maybe I should get it back and trade it for a Chevy.

8th May 2008, 20:44

Add me to the list of the 04 XC90 T6 owners with a failed transmission. I was just told by the dealer today that the transmission is shot at 70,800. What a joke. Dealer said that assuming the "drop" pan doesn't show metal filings or debris, they can replace it to the tune of $7,000. I, too, tried to look into a trade for a Honda and they even knew about the transmission problems. We need to collectively take this information and make Volvo accountable. They certainly have no problem collecting the $40,000 they charge for this lemon. I am a publicist and I know there are lawyers on this site -- let's stop talking and see if we can get Volvo to respond to their failing brand! Any takers? Let's start a petition, or at the very least, send Volvo a certified letter with all of our legitimate complaints.

21st May 2008, 17:19

I own a 2005 XC90 T6. While my was wife was driving the SUV suddenly she heard a weird noise that keeps coming on and off. I drove the car and heard the same noise, I called the dealer and asked me to bring in for a checkup. Well, they told me that I need a new transmission and I only have 44,000 miles on the vehicle. The car is under warranty, can I require them to install brand new transmission instead of a refurbished one?

27th May 2008, 23:47

It seems like transmissions are a big problem for these cars that are supposed to be good.

I got a XC90, and it has 80.000. I took the car for the 80.000 check up and after 2 days the engine light came off, and guess what, the dealer says that I need a new transmission. The dealer was supposed to check for any other repairs that the car needed, and of course they didn't do anything. We as owners of these expensive cars should take legal action against the Volvo dealership for selling cars that don't work.

Like someone mentioned before, there must be an attorney that might be very interested in taking the case.

28th May 2008, 08:34

I understand that at some point a law firm out of PA had started to a class action suit about this issue -- but it never went anywhere. Anyone know why?

28th May 2008, 11:05

I'll ask again.

Has anyone had the gearbox fail on the diesel version? Or is it just the T6? I know this is a serious question (and not offering to take legal action), but I would like to know if the D5 is a safe bet? Luckily, the T6 version is rare here in the UK, and I have never heard of any gearbox issues here and about to buy a D5. Please let me know... Thanks!

29th May 2008, 02:48

Unfortunately, I just joined the club. My 2004 XC90T6 is in need of a new transmission after only 54k miles. I have owned sevral other vehicles including MBZ, Lexus, Ford, Honda, Chevy and have never had to replace a transmission under 100k miles. Reading this site there is clearly a problem with the vehicle that volvo is trying to cover up or brush under the table. I have enjoyed owning this vehicle but the maintenance costs are ridiculously high. Now with this I will never purchase another Volvo again. Is there a class action lawsuit regarding this transmission problem that I can join?

1st Jun 2008, 12:10

Add another dead T6 transmission to the list... Never had this happen to any other car I've owned. Mine made it 92K miles, which sounds lucky compared to the rest of the group.

3rd Jun 2008, 21:48

Add another 04 xc90 with 58,000 to the list. I am the 2nd owner so I have no previous maintenance records. Called Volvo customer care and they informed me that warranty work was done on the transmission @ 43,000. Would I still be covered under warranty even though the mileage is over? Any suggestions? Thanks

4th Jun 2008, 10:24

I am also a second owner of an xc90 with a failed transmission at 70K miles. I posted earlier. Fortunately, I had purchased an after-market warranty, so a majority of my expenses will be covered. But, here's what I learned from Volvo -- once they put a new transmission in (assuming it's a new Volvo transmission) the parts and labor are covered by Volvo for up to 12K miles. Just goes to show how much faith they have in their own vehicles and parts!

None of us should have to deal with this headache! And furthermore, I just found out that the transmission is on backorder until the end of JUNE!

Good luck to all of you and please do keep me in the loop should one of us try to pursue some retribution from Volvo. It's my understanding that they are well aware of the problem, but ignoring it...