31st Aug 2004, 05:08

I used to own Zastava 55 (1991),and I needed to do general overhaul when I did 130000 km with car. I don`t know how you could manage to pass 400000 miles with Yugo.

14th Jan 2005, 18:53

Perhaps he had changed several motors and the chassis only twice :)

I'm from Serbia, everybody here drives one of those, but, man, I've never even heard of 600.000 km on one... Congratulations.. It simply makes me feel proud of domestic industry :)

5th Feb 2006, 10:56

I am from Serbia and I would like to ask you one small thing

ONLY 600 000km, that's nothing. It's the best car in Europe, for that cost. It costs about 600 euros.

17th Oct 2006, 10:26

Greetings everybody, I'm from Serbia and I drive Yugo as well, I just wanted to say that this car is very economical and cheap which is very important if you live in a city.

Yugo itself is a 30years old model, so there is no place for making fun of it nowdays in spite of all its little problems.

22nd Sep 2007, 14:58

I'm from Montenegro. I have a Yugo 55, 1.1 (1992). I have done a general overhaul on it (first special), and some other things (KN filter...). Max speed is 175km/h (serious) and it will consume 7-8l!!! It's my second car, and I am very proud with my Yugo! I'm going with it to Serbia, in Belgrade, where I will to study on Singidunum:-)

2nd May 2008, 17:34

Hello...I own Yugo Koral manufactured in 1991 (model for America)...it runs great... if you change oil and filters in every 5000 km you can't have problems with this car... there is no rust, or anything like that... low petrol cost (average on every 100 km is about 5 liter... max speed 160 km)... It cost around 700 Euro... for that money this is the best car built ever!!!You can make fun of it now, but let's see Renault, or Peugeot, or Skoda, or even Seat built in 1991...you can't even drive those cars if they are 18 years old... no need to say that they can't compare with Yugo in design... This is low cost car, for anyone who can't afford BMW or Mercedes (no other car manufacturer deserve to be mentioned)!!! Yugo is not the best, but it runs with soul... see you :) ) ) ) ) ) )