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2000 Lexus IS 200 Sport from UK and Ireland
Apart from a slight lack of power and lack of engine choice, my own experience with both cars tells me the IS200 is better built, looks nicer (in my opinion), handles better and has better dealers than the 3 series

2000 Mitsubishi Galant Sport from UK and Ireland
Many other V6's like the Lexus IS200 are only 2 litre engines and are very "whiney" and under powered

1993 Mazda Xedos 6 from UK and Ireland
This car is surprisingly quick - Beats the equivalent BMW, Audi, quicker than a Lexus IS200 Sport

2000 Lexus IS 300 from North America
If I'm not mistaken, the IS300 delivered stock here in the US is essentially trimmed out the same as is the IS200 Sport, but with the larger engine and different transmission

2001 Lexus IS 200 SE Auto from UK and Ireland
Broken front support spring (caused by repeated bumping up curbs - I now have a dropped curb!) Slight pitting to the alloy wheels - a known problem with the IS200 - rectified on later models. ... It cruises beautifully at motorway speeds, and gives a growl of excitement on kick-down with the auto box in Sport mode

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2000 Lexus IS 200 SE from Germany
I have to say that the Lexus is200 SE is the best value for money executive/family/sport car on the market

2000 Lexus IS 200 SE from Germany
I am now on my second Lexus IS200 ... The best was the E240, second is my current 2004 IS200 sport Auto

1999 Lexus IS 200 Sport from UK and Ireland
I work for Ford Motor Company, but drive a Lexus Sport ... I recently wrote off a Lexus is200 SE

2000 Lexus IS 200 Sport from UK and Ireland
I purchased an Lexus IS200 Sport new in June 2003

2001 Subaru Impreza WRX from UK and Ireland
I am currently driving a lexus IS200 sport

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