26th Jan 2007, 15:40

<<But we all know, at least 99.999% of us do, that these companies will survive and regain market share and once again, be profitable.>.

We do? How do we know that?

Bet you said the same thing about AMC.

Sorry, but the world has changed. There was even a story in last week's BusinessWeek that stated GM's new goal is NOT marketshare, but to build better cars in its niche and hold on to that niche.

Ford and Chrysler are both setting themselves up to be broken up and sold as individual parts.

26th Jan 2007, 15:44

I've driven the Cobalt. Its interior and other fittings are subpar compared to a Honda Civic much less a Honda Fit. It's a car that is competitive for 1995, not 2007.

It's just another in a long line of mediocrity (like the new Avenger/Sebring from Chrysler) that will fill rental car fleets and only be sold on low prices.