4th Feb 2007, 15:51

<< The 12 domestic vehicles that went to over 200,000 miles that my family has owned will attest to that>.

Really? Those cars had fuel injection and OBDII? Doubt it. American cars are built to the cheapest standards, and the engines they use are archaic in design.

And you've also made an argument against your compadres here who claim you must use synthetic.

BMW and other great cars are like great athletes. You feed them garbage they perform like garbage.

4th Feb 2007, 16:00

No, the Geffen Good is for American car buyers who are suckered into thinking their cars are good and believing the marketing myths that all gas is the same, all engines are the same, and all oil is the same.

BMWs DO require special tools for oil changes, but I never said you couldn't change the oil yourself. In fact, many members of the BMW Car Club do a lot of their own maintenance. BUT they KNOW what they are doing and have been TRAINED on how to do it. The argument you people make is that any idiot can change the oil in any car without any prior knowledge, and that is so wrong I can't begin to tell you.

And BMW engines are hardly fragile. If that was the case you'll have to explain why the German police use them on the autobahns.

But explaining what is required to own a good car is far beyond the scope of the average American car buyer, people who treat their cars as an extension of their kitchen appliances.