7th May 2011, 20:48

I just had new rear tires put on my 2007 (24k miles) and I'm having the same symptoms. Rear brakes seem locked on. I check my emergency brake and it's off.

31st Aug 2011, 16:03

I had my 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe in the dealership for an oil change. I have very low mileage because I purchased it in 2009 as a new vehicle for a lower price. The mechanic brought my brake pads out, to show me that one was ground down to almost nothing. They replaced them, and only charged me for the labor, not the pads, but that was still $160.00. I agree, and believe that there is a problem, plus it was causing me to get bad gas mileage, it seemed like something was rubbing.

Tamara Dreier

August 31, 2011.