7th Jun 2009, 10:45

That's what I like. Factual, unbiased statements. *roll eyes*

7th Jun 2009, 11:36

I guess that's why Fusion sales are setting records and Ford is blowing Toyota away in sales now. I just love these "if you don't know this you should" and "Toyota is better because I say so" statements. Don't you just LOVE all the documentation and resources cited??

My boss finally woke up to what being an American SHOULD mean and informed me that he was finally heeding my advice and trading his two Japanese imports in for new American cars. He has already traded his wife's import in on a Cadillac. Yesterday I went to help him trade his import in on a Fusion. We were shocked that the lot (a HUGE dealership) had only a couple of 2009's left. My friend who works for the dealership told me that there had been a big wave of people deciding to help their country by trading their imports in on Fords. He pointed to a whole row of late model Camrys, Accords and Altimas that had been traded for Fusions. The lot was packed with customers and there were a number of foreign cars in the customer parking areas. Most of their stock was 2010 models, as the 2009's have sold like hotcakes.

I was excited to see that people are becoming more patriotic and buying from American companies. It's good to know that many more people like my boss are finally waking up to the fact that buying foreign is hurting no one but ourselves. They are also waking up to the fact that domestic auto makers are making more reliable vehicles than the Japanese. The Fusion outranks both Camry and Accord in reliability. The Fusion hybrid is recognized as the world's best hybrid (USA Today) and the always tops F-150 just keeps putting the Titan and Tundra to shame.

The import fans can keep spouting their "buy foreign, hurt your country" mantra but it appears that the tide is turning. There really ARE patriotic Americans out there who are waking up to the fact that we only hurt ourselves by supporting foreign industry.