2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 Extended Cab 4.7 from North America


Not quite man's best friend, but close


Braking instability and wobbling when the vehicle was purchased at 85,000 miles. Rotors and brakes replaced; issue resolved, and has not presented itself again 80,000 miles later.

Climate control fan motor began producing an intermittent squealing noise at approximately 90,000 miles. As of 167,000 miles, still have not replaced the unit, as the noise is rare and does not appear to interfere with airflow or fan function.

Minor leak from an unidentified location (I've looked repeatedly) with water infiltrating from above and settling around the front passenger foot rest area. Seems to only be an issue in very heavy rain.

Two ignition coils failed at approximately 105,000 miles. Easy replacement.

Driver's side map light lens broke off at about 160,000 miles, and was replaced for $6.

At nearly 170,000 miles, the shocks are starting to go bad and will need replacement very soon.

General Comments:

I've driven this truck in off-roading situations where ATV riders even look on in awe. It's made for cross-country trips with a loaded bed, and has given me stable fuel economy all the way.

My 2000 Tundra has been a daily highway commuter and long-haul companion. I've abused the hell out of this truck, and it just keeps going as long as I change the oil and other fluids regularly. Cost of maintenance has been minimal.

For a first-generation, I'm pretty impressed with the reliability. Hopefully this review doesn't jinx it.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2013

2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 4.7 from North America


Solid Truck // Crispy Frame


Exhaust manifold.

Hinge on driver side door.

General Comments:

First, this is not my truck. A friend of mine bought this truck 10 years ago, brand new, and like the friend he is, it was mine when I needed it! I did log about 7,000 miles on the odometer driving it around for him and for me.

I remember when he got rid of his rickety S-10 and showed up with this new silver Tundra. I drove it, and could not believe I was driving a pick up that felt like a very large sports car. More than enough giddy up and go!

It has been on plenty of trips, and has always been taken care of. Despite being parked outside its entire life - it looks new (after a wash)!

Driving the Tundra was always a pleasure due to its suspension, dash layout, and options. His is an SR5 and only lacks leather seating. 0 to 60 was never a problem. 60 to (gasp) is its high point!

I get a call from my friend on March 10, and he tells me that he got a letter from Toyota about a rust recall on his Tundra.

He took it to the dealer and the dealer wouldn't give it back to him. Unsafe. The frame had rotted through and cracked in several places. The truck was staying on the road thanks to crumbled rust bits and corrective forces of gravity.

I went to the dealer today to clean out his belongings. There were two other Tundras parked along with it, dead, also. I sat in the cab and took one last look at everything, and couldn't believe this truck that I've known for a long time and figured he'd have it for another ten years (he thought the same) was deemed junk due to a rotten frame. I started it up and revved the engine one last time. What a cool exhaust note! Before I left the lot I checked out the frame for myself. Good God - It was scary. I could push a hole in it with my finger.

This was the only Toyota I have ever driven. I have an old Eagle Talon (Mitsubishi Eclipse - read that review on here too 1993 Eagle Talon Thumbs up DSM!) and a Chevy Astro. Both of my cars have over 225,000 miles on them, live outside, and have no frame or body rust/rot. I really liked the Tundra, but that frame issue is really bad. I'm glad they are working with the owners of these trucks so many years after the trucks were sold. My friend isn't looking forward to another car payment and the news hit him hard.

Beware the Tundra -- It's thawing and not looking too good!

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Review Date: 12th March, 2010

18th Dec 2010, 17:38

I also had a problem with my frame rusting. Toyota replaced the frame, brake lines, power steering lines, and control arms all for free. Not under warranty and 136k miles. Nice to know that Toyota stands behind their products.

20th Dec 2010, 12:43

"Nice to know that Toyota stands behind their products."

I totally agree. By standing BEHIND them, there is far less risk of being run over when the brakes fail or the accelerator sticks.

20th Dec 2010, 14:31

Hi. OP here.

The Tundra was completely fixed. Toyota replaced the entire frame and all other parts associated with the rust recall. I did take a long time to correct the issue, however, my friend was given a 2010 Tundra to drive the entire time (after the Corolla that was issued to him proved to be less than a work truck)!