2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 from North America


Good truck with bad brakes


I'm having a problem with the brakes. When going down hill and when the brakes are applied, the front end shakes real bad and its also making my tires wear out. Been told by dealer that the truck is out of warranty. That its not covered.

General Comments:

Good truck with bad brakes.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2004

24th Nov 2006, 09:27

Sorry, they won't cover it in warranty. They will not acknowledge the problem.

Good luck.

2000 Toyota Tundra sr5 V8 from North America


The first time I experienced a problem with the Brakes was when the vehicle went into a violent shake. I took it back to the dealer and they resurface the disk and drums. This fixed the problem for a short while. I returned with the same problem this time they told me they replaced the parts with upgraded parts. Same problem occurred within a year. At this time they tell me that the upgrade was not preformed, but they would do it now as a good will. I have taken this vehicle back 6 times and they have not fixed it to this date. Seventh time back, Now they tell me I have to replace the front disk and the back drums need resurfaced, the pads normal wear I agree. they can't resurface the front disk because they have cut them just above the legal limit. My concern is the safety of my family first. The next is the extra cost of owning a tundra that needs all new break parts every two years. also the brake pads are $90.00 at the dealership most brakes pads are half that price because they are not specially made to cure a bad design. If you have already bought a tundra don't let the deal string you along go lemon. because Toyota does not stand by their word or product I will never purchase another Toyota ever again.

General Comments:

This truck has serious break problems.

Shakes when breaks are applied.

Parts wear out too quickly.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2004

13th Mar 2009, 08:15

I wonder if it would be a good idea for Tundra owners who otherwise like their trucks to put on some upmarket/aftermarket rotors and calipers. I bet you could save trouble and get some Brembos with slotted, cross drilled rotors that would do VERY well. It would probably save you money in the long run too.

17th Apr 2009, 16:53

The problem with the brakes is the same problem with most new cars. They are using nearly metallic pads. It's like metal on metal which heats up the rotors and warps them. I started using softer brake pads and still have the original rotors on my truck. They are just now needing resurfaced. The only things with the soft pads is that they wear a little sooner, but a $30 dollar set of pads is better than a couple hundred in rotors.

2000 Toyota Tundra Limited 4x4 4.7L V8 from North America


A great, albeit pricey, truck - with class


Check engine light came on at 20,180 miles. Dealer replaced both O2 sensors under warranty, although warranty expired the prior month.

Tires are pitiful; came with BF Goodrich Rugged Trails that are now completely worn out. Alignment has been maintained, and I do not drive this truck hard or off-road. They are just poor tires; for a $36K truck you would think they would put decent tires on them from the factory.

Slight rattle from the in-dash CD changer; no fix for this problem, but it is only noticeable under heavy acceleration.

Seat belts don't retract well - tend to get caught in the door jambs if you don't check them prior to closing the door.

General Comments:

I love this truck!

I've had no real mechanical issues with it, and body integrity seems to be good.

Good acceleration, great towing capacity and excellent handling in the snow.

Fuel mileage is pathetic - 13.7 mpg in town, with 16.7 highway at its' best.

Comfortable, quiet and rides great - people who've ridden with me always comment that you would never know you're in a truck from the ride and low level of wind/road noise.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2004