14th Oct 2009, 12:59

I think it depends on the cop myself. My Cousin and I were in his Mustang doing 80 playing around with a nice looking girl in a base model Eclipse. We went by the cop as she was catching back up to us, after we blew by her, and she was doing close to 90 and the cop pulled us over. She was going much faster than we were, at that point, but we had the 5.0 Mustang and therefore got pulled over. He even had to pass her to get to us. Both cars were bright red too. Of course it could have had something to do with how nice looking she was too. :)

1st Dec 2009, 11:13

This IS NOT an myth! When I owned my 1989 Firebird Formula, I got to the point where I refused to drive it after dark. If police were sitting on the side of the road, they would invariably be on my back bumper all the way to my house. I got followed all the way from downtown Charlotte, NC to my hotel 30 miles away. I got followed from Roslyn, NY all the way to Queens, NY. I have been pulled over numerous times for "courtesy checks". I got a ticket in New Jersey when I was in heavy traffic going the same speed as everyone else in my lane. I got a ticket in Charleston, SC when I was entering town going the same exact speed as the rest of traffic. All my friends that drove the car ended up getting tickets for the first time in their lives. ETC ETC ETC - until I got so disgusted, I parked it until it I sold it! Got a Nissan Pathfinder and have never had a ticket or been harassed since. You might think that this is a myth but it surely isn't! No one loves muscle cars more than I do - I used to always own sports cars starting with a 1972 Mach I Mustang - but $2,000.00/year insurance just isn't worth it to me!