2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2 liter from North America


Camaro is back on the throne!!


Nothing... Brand new.

General Comments:

I only have this beauty since three days and it gets a lot of thumbs up and comments. Mine is orange with a manual 6 speeds and 426 H.P mill.

I'm a large and tall man, and this car is surprisingly large and long enough for my shoulders and legs in the front seats to feel comfortable, not tight.

It takes some times to get use of the small windows all around, especially the doors ones.

I found the clutch to be very stiff and I don't like to go in town with it.

As I cruise on the highway, this Camaro is also surprisingly soft for a sports car.

Performance wise.. Watch out!.. this Camaro is fast, very fast!! And before I feel the sensation of going fast, the speedo is at around 170 km/h (110-115 MPH). And for the first 3 speeds, rear tires screams and your head literally snaps the headrest when pushed hard. I don't know how fast this Camaro can go, no intention for now!

There's only one thing I found annoying; when the steering wheel is set comfortably for me, I have to move my head to properly read the cluster gauge's tach, speedometer and especially flasher ind. lights. I don't know if there was a head up display (HUD) option as I would certainly take it, but I think the windshield is already small enough. Every time I think of hard accelerations from a red light, I most of the time think of the very expensive Pirelli ZR 20's on all corners that are known to "melt" like ice under the sun, I easily slow down and listen the marvelous rumbling sound of the LS3.

I haven't raced yet with Mustangs or Challenger to compare, and for now I'm the only one in my area who owns a SS, and these cars are very rare for now.. Acuras, Nissans, Hondas, they just look and leave me alone, I guess they know why!

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Review Date: 14th June, 2009

14th Jun 2009, 11:16

I'm sure that it's a welcome change after the Roadmaster.

14th Jun 2009, 22:48

Congrats on the Camaro and thank you for supporting your country by buying American. I checked out the 2010 Mustang, Challenger and Camaro and am undecided as to what I would buy at this point. I could care less about power. I drive a V-6 Mustang and it is far more than adequate. If I got a Camaro it would be the V-6 for sure. I've pretty much ruled out another Mustang because Ford has stupidly dropped all its sporty colors except red. Challenger and Camaro at least come in yellow and orange. My biggest gripe with Camaro is that hideous dash, but maybe they'll change it by next year when I'll be in the market. My favorite based on styling and interior is by far the Challenger, and the 250hp V-6 is more power than needed for any driving need. I just regret that it so big and such a poor handling car. Maybe Ford will come out with yellow or orange next year. We'll see.