13th Jul 2010, 19:21

A full equipped Camaro SS is now more than $3000 cheaper than a full equipped Mustang 5.0! So where is the 10k dollars difference you're writing about? Base for base models, yes, the Mustang is less than a $1000 cheaper. Once you're at the FORD dealer, you will be HYPED, because there will be not too many Mustangiacs buying the base ones... But keep your pick-up, because with an engine with so many valves, cams, chains and sensors, it won't take many years or mileage before a major costly repair will occur, and it will be towed with the help of your pick-up truck!

14th Jul 2010, 09:33

Actually the sticker is about $1K less on the GT premium as per the websites, but you won't find a base Camaro anywhere and they are usually well over $40K on any dealer's lot. They have been charging markups on them consistently as well.

Mustangs are easier to come by, and I have talked to dealers about ordering them and such and there is no premium to do so.

I was also offered invoice pricing on the Mustang I test drove. In the real world the Camaro is many thousands more than the Mustang.

14th Jul 2010, 09:36

Yeah, type "Camaro issues" into Google and see how many problems they have with quality control and cutting corners and then slam the Mustang!

14th Jul 2010, 17:04

Maybe buy an LS1 Corvette; I have had no issues with my engine, it's bulletproof.

15th Jul 2010, 01:00

Ah come on!!

You think there are less Mustang issues!? I too typed Mustang issues on Google and there are also plenty.. Cars with no issues doesn't exist.. Some have more, some have less!..

I live in Canada and I've owned an Inferno Orange base Camaro SS1 since June 12th 2009 with more than 20k kilometers and NO problems yet.. Never been to the dealer yet.. Love it a lot more than Mustangs, which are everywhere looking at us! Knowing we are maybe more expensive, but stronger, faster, and for sure will be more reliable, and when I think of their new future costly to repair Coyote engines.. I'm pretty confident and very happy I made the right choice.. And I didn't pay the huge mark ups you're mentioning..

15th Jul 2010, 08:04

If you type my 1969 Camaro SS 4 speed that I bought in the early 80s for 3500, how many issues will I find? Garage kept since new and original. It sure has been nice to me. It's 9 times more expensive to find one like mine now.

15th Jul 2010, 14:20

They are built in Canada, which may explain why there is no markups. In the US there is pretty substantial markups. Stronger and faster? By who's numbers? The Mustang is now quicker, and if you take the power to weight ratio into consideration, the extra 14 hp in the Camaro won't make it seem stronger... or as strong for that matter.

As far as quality issues, the Camaro had plenty when they cut corners to rush them into production. I'm surprised you've had no issues yet. Hopefully the 2011 will better.

Now we are speculating as to the reliability of engines? Please! Ford has always had a solid reputation and the last 5.0 was rock solid. Also, Ford is by far the best of the domestic companies, and is only pulling away farther every year in quality.

15th Jul 2010, 14:33

And what does that have to do with the 2010 Camaro?

16th Jul 2010, 11:03

Someone says Camaro engines are unreliable, and my 69 original engine runs excellent, that's why. I would also rather have a 69 Boss 302 rather than a new Mustang, in all fairness to the Ford guys.

16th Jul 2010, 20:31

Stronger and faster? By who's numbers?

Road and Track with Car and Driver magazines.. Both are saying that Camaro SS IS faster by 2/10ths on the 1/4 and .7 seconds faster to reach 100 MPH.. Aren't they serious magazines enough?..

And about quality issues you are referring about, these same Camaros has been awarded best sports American cars for quality to buy, by J.D. Powers and the Mustang isn't even on the list.. Also been rewarded best design for sports car by Popular Mechanics, and also Motor Weeks driver's choice awards etc etc etc..

If you type Camaro awards on Google, you will see plenty of them.. Like your new Mustangs by the way!

11th Feb 2011, 11:45

550 HP + 550 LBS of torque for 2012 Camaro SS in ZL1 option configuration like they did in 1969 directly from the Caddy, and the ZO6 option is in the waiting room from big brother Corvette, with the same 6.2 liters.. No Mustangs or Challengers, supercharged or not, will outperform or touch it... Game over!...but for how much, we don't know yet as I just read it in newspapers and Internet... Like I have already wrote, potential is there and still waiting for more!.. Another interrogation is how they think.. I mean, less and less and more expensive than ever petrol and more power?.. When I think of that, I don't think I'll buy one of them.. Because now I'm in the process of transferring my power from foot pounds of torque or horse power to electric range.

9th Mar 2012, 20:56

They didn't rush the Camaro into production!! They stopped making them in 2002, and started back in 2009; it took 7 years to design. I haven't heard of any production issues. So this guy has to be a Ford lover. There hasn't been anything but good reviews, besides the 2010 models, where some people didn't like the steering wheel design.