6th May 2010, 08:08

The Nissan is a nice looking car, but I had such bad luck with the Maxima I had in both car quality and dealer runaround, that I would never touch another Nissan.

The Mustang is and always will be the best value, and for around $30K you can have 412 hp and .94g for handling. That is unbeatable. Even the V-6 with 305 hp and a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds is amazing considering you can get into this car for just over $22K.

The V-6 has always been a popular choice for getting the look of the Mustang without the performance, but now they offer more than enough performance and excitement. I would have a tough time going the extra $4K or $5K for the GT nowadays. A V-6 Premium offers just the right amount of performance, and even the mileage is amazing at 30 mpg on the highway. You can't go wrong...

6th May 2010, 18:13

Be careful comment 20:03, I agree with you, but you really shouldn't bring up imports on a Camaro thread. I see many arguments arising in this thread's future now...

6th May 2010, 20:20

The Mustang is very capable, but the Nissan 370Z is more of a true sports car. It has the same engine as the Infiniti G37, so it has more of a refined nature. It looks fantastic, and it's just as fast as a Mustang GT. As a sports car, its starting price of about $31,000 is a true bargain.

7th May 2010, 11:33

Refined is only refined when it's in your driveway and not at the dealer service center. Like I said, I won't ever touch another Nissan product due to bad experience with poor product design and quality and poorer dealer service. They could produce the coolest looking car at the most amazing price and I won't even bother. The Mustang has proven itself for decades as a quality car that can stand the test of time and lots of hard driving. You can't beat the price to performance ration either. Also, until you drive that new 3.7 V-6, save your refinement comments. That is no Explorer engine!

24th Jun 2010, 15:38

Enough time has gone by, and according to private owners, the Mustang outperforms the Camaro big time, and still gets 26mpg/highway. The technology of the new 5.0 is the wave of the future in regards to future American made performance V8's. The Camaro went out of production once, and unless people start buying them in big numbers (please wait until the 5.0 is readily available before determining) and continue to do so, it will happen again.

26th Jun 2010, 02:13

"The new 5.0 is the wave of the future"

Where were you in 1990 when the Corvette ZR1 with its 4 cams, 32 valves, electronic fuel injection, 375 HP, 12.5 in the quarter, broke world record going 5000 miles at 175 MPH without a single problem!?

Today's engines are only better, multi valves and cams engines are already things from the past back from the 50's.

And I really doubt that the new Coyote engine will surpass this marvelous ZR1 engine in design (with the help of Lotus and Mercury Marine which GM supplied their engine blocks) and I don't think that it will also surpass the hand built LS7 from the LSX engine class from GM.

Everybody knows that the Camaro SS is restricted performance wise by Chevrolet, because the Corvette has the same engine. But the potential is there, and it would take easy little adjustments to get more performance and also better gas mileage.

Old school mechanics always said : The more parts an engine's got, more chance it will break, and this applies to the Coyote and ZR1 engines. And they are already today's engines from the past!

26th Jun 2010, 18:28

I'm not sure what your overall point is here. You are, however, comparing ZR-1's that now cost over $100K to a $30K Mustang. There was no comparison in 1990, and there really is no comparison now. If you want a car that costs three times as much and can afford it, then it should be the top performer. The Mustang is once again the best bang for the buck as it outperforms its direct rivals... the Camaro and the Challenger. Corvettes are in a different league and attract a different type of buyer.

8th Jul 2010, 05:45

Motor Trend writes 12.7 on the 1/4. Car and Driver and Road and Track write 13.2 on the 1/4 for the new Mustang 5.0 with the 3.73 gear and manual. One constant is 13 flat for the LS3 manual SS, and also faster to reach 100 MPH.

Even on YouTube we can see if it's really real that Mustangs are way faster, but on Camaro5.com Mustangs are way behind.

Who's telling or writing the truth. Depends on the enthusiast driver. All three magazines write that Mustangs are best bang for the buck, which I believe, but this wasn't enough to convince me that the new Coyote engine in the long run will be better and especially cheaper to fix than a small block from Chevy; at least Road and Track agrees with this.

Also glad that the new Mustang is not as fast as they said it would be. Good for them that the Vette big brother is around to hold the SS performance.

8th Jul 2010, 17:40

"Also glad that the new Mustang is not as fast as they said it would be."

Yeah, but it's fast enough to waste the Camaro so it is well... fast enough!

12th Jul 2010, 00:51

Page 51 Road and Track : The Camaro beats the Mustang by 2/10ths in the quarter.. So who is.. fast enough!?..

And also the Camaro SS is reaching 100 MPH .7 seconds faster than the Mustang... Best bang for the buck yes, but still in the rear view mirror.. Same with Car and Driver.. Motor Trend says the Mustang is faster.. So we'll take what we like.. Mustang = best bang for the buck.. Camaro SS = faster, enough!

12th Jul 2010, 16:53

Well, if I take difference in price between the Mustang and Camaro, which is about $10K, I can supercharge the Mustang, buy a decent winter car to preserve the Mustang, AND still waste your Camaro. Now that's enough for me!

13th Jul 2010, 12:02

Excellent point. The cost difference is certainly in favor of the Mustang. However, once Ford totally screwed up the styling of the 2010 I decided I'd not buy a new Mustang. The gorgeous retro style of the 2005-2009's was a hit with me. The new style ruins it all. I looked at a new Challenger, but again the price is too high, even with the V6 engine. For now I'll hang on to my older Mustang.

13th Jul 2010, 17:50

Really? You don't like the newer look? I love it. It took awhile for the rear end, but the front is awesome and so much meaner looking than the last run. The sequential turn signals are really cool too, even though they are more Cougar than Mustang. Still a nice touch. I love the interior as well as the seats on the last version were set too high for me, and I never felt comfortable in them. When I drove the '10, I was perfectly set behind the wheel. Definitely an improvement.

I too love that Challenger, but wouldn't look at anything but an RT Hemi car, as they will be the collectible ones, and you can't get the 6 speed in the V6 like the Mustang. The Challenger would be the one to buy, because they are not going to go on for much longer like the Mustang. I'm not really a fan of the Camaro, as it looks more at home as a transformer than it does an actual car. It is cartoonish in its lines, and a little too over the top for me.