28th Apr 2010, 15:38

On the insurance comment earlier being 3 times as much for a Vette... what owners age and what type of insurance? My car insurance is actually cheaper for the C5 Vette today than my 69 SS Camaro insurance was in 1988. And I was a homeowner and multiple car discount then. But then if I still owned and insured the Camaro today with Haggerty as a classic, it would likely be $200 a year today. I pay $800 for my C5 a convertible in 2010 multiple cars homeowner - but I am over 50 today.

I like the new Camaros but cannot beat the C5. I have had zero warranty issues and the LS1 is bulletproof. I also currently own a 74 Corvette 4 speed Vert now at 400HP; even more hp than my C5... it's insured classic, and even if I drive in 1 month year, I am not griping with $165 annual insurance! Whatever I own will always be manual trans, new or old.

28th Apr 2010, 17:49

All those tests are subjective, especially when you consider humans are testing them. And even if the same person tests both cars, you KNOW for a FACT that EVERYONE in the US is brand loyal... but I'm sure they would never fudge or manipulate the results... hahahaha.

And who cares about a third of a second? That is neck and neck! There are too many variables, especially when humans are involved...

28th Apr 2010, 17:54

If you want real American muscle and handling, buy a Cadillac CTS-V... 556hp and 556 torque... it's the fastest product car in America, and you get tons of luxury and superb quality..

28th Apr 2010, 19:12

FINALLY.. you agree! That the new 2011 Mustang GT with its high hopes from their fans is NOT as fast as it was suppose to be.

Lots of oval fans (maybe you, also) told us with the lighter body and 412 horses, automatically the Mustangs will easily beat the Camaro SS, and I remember writings saying wait until we have the new five point oh's, it'll put to shame the SS performance wise. But for now, depending on who tests and writes about these wonderful pony cars, as you agreed the new 'stang with its sophisticated engine, in the 1/4, will still be in the rear view mirror of an SS... PERIOD...

And I never said that overall the Camaro SS was a BETTER car than the 'stang... It's too close.. Good for you if it is, and overall, yes I would give the edge to the 'stang, I don't know what's going on in the USA, but here the Camaro SS is now cheaper by $1500-2000 than the new 2011 'stang GT, maybe because Camaros are built in Oshawa Ont.

When you write that they are making huge mark-ups on Camaro SS, it doesn't apply very much here, so your point on prices is not that clear.

So to end it all, I would say that overall Mustangs are better.. Are you happy!.. But for performance and durability, Chevy is better and still ahead.. PERIOD.. Like you love to write, and if you want a better one, buy the new Challenger.. slower but better, and more expensive!... Period!!..

Another point I would like to debate, and time will tell about it, is how long the Camaro will still outsell the new Mustangs.. I already know your answer.. LOL...

Overall Mustangs are still beautiful pony cars.. Wish I could afford the LS9 Camaro that some dealers sells now!.. See Ya'll.. from a canuck.

28th Apr 2010, 22:15

Okay so now they are manipulating the tests? C'mon... this is a stretch just to make the car you like look better. These are professionals who test 100's of cars per year, so I think I would trust them to get the most out of a car they are testing. The Mustang is lighter, so it would make sense that it would be better for performance overall. The V-6 is really the one that shines because it is so well balanced. The Camaro is just plain too heavy to be a good contender.

I guess you can say every test out there is manipulated, so why bother even testing anything or comparing anything at all. I choose to have faith in a fair testing process in equal conditions by the same drivers. Just because the car you like didn't win, doesn't make the test inaccurate... sorry. I'm sure if the Camaro was actually the better performer, you'd have nothing to say about the "bogus" test huh?

29th Apr 2010, 05:51

I think this is a complete pointless discussion. I've driven both and they are pretty similar in characteristics. It basically boils down to which one you have the 'feel' for, and in my case it's the SS. The Mustang GT is a great car, but I think the SS overall is a better package, but this boils down to personal taste.

29th Apr 2010, 09:28

Hey, you are Canadian? Cool!! I see much of your points, especially the price thing. I was just wondering where you'd gotten your C&D info is all and didn't really mean to make a huge argument out of it... ha ha ha... You are right that is comes down to a driver preference. I did think that the extra 97 hp would make the Mustang faster than it did over the older engine. The Camaro magically gained a couple of tenths too with the same powertrain. Just goes to show the inconsistency in production engines still exists. It really is down to the driver for sure.

I too love both cars but I've always been a little more faithful to the Mustang as I have had a couple of them. The Camaro is a nice looking cruiser too though, but yes they are marked up a lot here in the U.S., unfortunately, so they get close to $40K pretty quickly. I looked at 2010 Mustangs and the dealer was willing to give me the GT Premium I drove for invoice (around $28K) which was almost $2K below sticker. He said even if I ordered exactly what I wanted they'd do the same deal. That was a new body style then, so I am sure they'd be the same on the newer engine cars as well now. It was back when they were brand new and the 5.0 wasn't known of yet by the general public.

I too, love the Challenger as I have driven a few Hemi powered cars and they are so comfortable and smooth. Never tried one with the 6-speed though but I can only imagine that they are even more fun. After driving the 2010 Mustang though, I would pick that as my choice as I was amazed at how comfortable it is over the previous design, and really livable for daily driving for sure.

Good sparring with you neighbor as always... Drive what you love and be safe.

29th Apr 2010, 09:34

Hmmm, this car is about twice the price of a Mustang so it better be faster. However, the ZR1 Corvette is a bit faster and it too is a production car in America. The CTS is a very sweet ride though, and probably one of the best sport/ luxury combo packages out there.

5th May 2010, 20:03

I would sooner have a Nissan 370Z over a Camaro, Mustang, or even a Corvette.