31st Dec 2009, 09:34

For under 30K you can pick up a used Z06 Vette C5 generation and have speed and far greater handling than either Camaro or Mustangs. And that is what I did. I owned a 1969 Camaro SS 4 speed, which I regret I sold, and as far as appreciation, it only goes up and up... and up. However, sheer fun to drive the Vette, has to be the greatest performance value I have ever found. I highly recommend getting one, and save for an older musclecar to one day buy as well.

4th Jan 2010, 17:44

Why buy used with no warranty? The Mustang is plenty fast enough and easily modified to pretty much keep up with an older Z06 and still retain it's factory warranty. Also the insurance on a Corvette would be triple what it is on the Mustang...

I am sure the drive is very sweet though!

14th Feb 2010, 15:23

I just purchased a Camaro V6. I pick it up tomorrow. Wonderful car! Buyers beware, dealers are inflating the MSRP by $4,000. You can get the same car cheaper. Shop around, it pays.

27th Apr 2010, 06:30

The wait is over!.. both Edmunds and Car and Driver tested the Camaro SS to be the winner over the new 2011 'stang GT, while Motor Trend says the opposite. By their tests The Camaro SS is slower or faster by .3 seconds on the quarter mile, so I think the call is too close to designate the real winner.

I feel a bit sorry for the new 2011 Mustang GT fans and their long awaited new DOHC five point oh's on which they deeply hoped that it would have give the Camaro SS a good and final goodbye on the top. And GM have also boosted their 2011 Camaro V6 to 312 HP, again beating the Mustang six banger!

27th Apr 2010, 12:08

"The wait is over!.. both Edmunds and Car and Driver tested the Camaro SS to be the winner over the new 2011 'stang GT"

Really? I just looked at C&D's site and the Mustang beat the Camaro in both V-6 and V-8 form. The V-6 Mustang is really the clearer winner in performance as it outhandles and out accelerates the Camaro by a full 1/2 second to 60. 5.4 to 60 in a V-6 Mustang is surely something to be happy about! The 5.0 is just as fast as the SS Camaro to 60, but it handles much better as the Mustang is more balanced and the Camaro is heavy. The only place the Camaro was a clear winner was top speed on the V-6 car as the Mustang is limited to a pitiful 113 mph.

Realistically I would never have the need to go faster than that anyway on public roads... or even close to that fast.

So what article did you read? The final results on the ones I read BOTH listed Mustang #1 and Camaro #2... you know, the way it should be!! Let me know if you need links to either of them and I'll be happy to oblige. Of course the V-6 article is right on the homepage today so it must be a fresh one! I couldn't find the article on Edmunds so I'll let you give me the link to that one.

27th Apr 2010, 17:56

"pony car war" video from Car and Driver released April 2010, and contribution from Edmunds is from John Pearly Huffman released on April 26, and the results are that the new 2011 'stang GT is doing the 1/4 in 13.2 and 13.3 compared to the constant 13 flat for the SS, and to my surprise a better handling and less distance for complete stop car overall, despite being heavier.

But on your side, Motor Trend video states the 1/4 in 12.7 for the five point oh and all of them are impressed with its live high 3.73 geared axle (I can imagine what a Camaro would do with that same gear!). So who's right!? They're both too close, and like I've written, the Mustang with its new engine and also lighter body, and not that much cheaper, is still not the super hoped and awaited Camaro crusher like their fans wanted and hoped it to be. At least the GT500 still waved the hoped goodbyes performance wise over the Camaro... You... Again!... I still see Chevy powered Mustangs on racetracks.. Wonder why?

27th Apr 2010, 19:31

I never really got into the Ford-Chevy war, but I'd have to say that if I had a choice on which car to buy, the Mustang or the Camaro, I'd choose the new Dodge Challenger. I know the Challenger is much slower and heavier, but I just love the look. From a pure performance stand point however, I'd take the 'stang anyday.

28th Apr 2010, 10:22

I'm merely stating the fact that C&D rated both the V-6 and V-8 Mustang as better than the Camaro in two separate tests, while you claim they favored the Camaro. In reality, I don't care which is better as I favor the Mustang as a better performance car that costs much less than a Camaro, especially in V-8 form. The Camaro is running close to $40K still with dealer markups. The Mustang is around $30K with the premium package.

As far as Chevy engines in Mustangs. I really have not found that on the hundreds of cars I have seen on eBay and cars-on-line.com among many other for sale sites. There was ONE Mustang with a Corvette engine in it. It really doesn't seem to a huge thing as you claim it is. Most upgraded cars have the Ford crate motor in them like the 306 or the 331 or 347 strokers. Since the 302 in the Fox body is the most upgradeable motor, and has the largest aftermarket support network ever, why would you change it out for a Chevy? I'm sure it happens; I just don't see too many examples as far as modified cars that I have seen for sale.

28th Apr 2010, 12:58

Okay, I just received the new issue of C&D and the story "Double Jeopardy" on page 48 tells all that I already confirmed. Yes the ONLY performance advantage the SS has is the 13 second flat 1/4 mile vs. 13.3 for the Mustang (other than the useless advantage in top speed).

Where are you getting your braking figures?? 161 ft. (SS) vs. 153 ft. for the Mustang GT AND 156 ft. Camaro RS vs. 152 Ft. Mustang V-6. Remember the lower the score, the better the car's performance on this one okay?

The handling results are .94G and .95g on the GT and V-6 Mustangs respectively vs. .90g and .87g on the SS and RS Camaros. Now on this one the higher the number, the better handling. Seems like you aren't getting the meaning of these figures somehow. The Mustang even kills the Camaro of both trims in the top gear acceleration tests, which makes it more usable in daily driving.

I like both cars overall, but the Mustang is the clear winner in overall performance, period, end of story, and C&D seems to agree by listing BOTH Mustangs as the #1 car in the tests. I didn't do the test, the experts did and these were their results. You'll have to explain to me what the numbers you found were, and where you got them, as obviously you are mistaken on this issue. Buy the newest June 2010 issue of Car and Driver if you want to see for yourself.