6th Nov 2009, 07:59

WHAT! Your "Premium" Mustang GT is at par performance with a Camaro!! Congrats for your "Premium" Mustang, but hey, c'mon!. I don't even own one of them, but I've been in many drag races and the Mustang whatsoever Premium GT doesn't even come close of winning a single race against the Camaro SS. And I can tell you that more people than you believe were staring at the Camaro and your Mustang was, well, another Premium Mustang!

Don't always believe comparisons in magazines or car reviews, just go and see by yourselves, but I can't wait to see a 2010 "Premium" Saleen against a 2010 ZR1. My bet again is for the Chevy. Again for looks and racing abilities..."medium" Mustang would have been the real issue here. The war is on again.

6th Nov 2009, 12:38

"This car is not made for shy individuals"

No, it is probably just the opposite - me thinks it is for those who are saying - Look at me! Look at me!

29th Nov 2009, 01:48

The Premium Mustang dude also wrote almost the same review against the Camaro on MSN Auto. I think he wants to prove he made a bad choice with his "premium" or try to convince himself and others. But we all know that for now the Camaro rules.

1st Dec 2009, 08:25

No the "Dude" didn't post on MSN autos... because that was me and I only posted here. There are more than a few educated car guys out there that know what the best car really is. Ha ha ha....

And why would spending $9K less for pretty equal performance be a bad choice? I can throw on a supercharger for around $4K and really blow the Camaro away, and still have $5K for a winter truck to drive around keeping the Mustang in the garage nice and dry. Seems like a no brainer to me.

The Mustang is and always will be a better value than the Camaro, even when the Camaro was a far better performance car with the Vette engine. The fact that the Mustang now can come so close to the performance with 111 less hp is pretty amazing. Wait until next year when they bring the 5.0 litre back and it is pushing close to 400 hp. Bye bye Camaro! If they already do 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, another 80 hp or so ought to shave off at least 4 tenths. They also have a 305 hp V-6 coming that will take care of the V-6 Camaro. Mustangs have always outsold Camaros 3 to 1, and the trend will most definitely continue.

Oh and why would you not trust the magazine articles? They are the pros who drive every different car and have years of experience behind them. The Mustang beat the Camaro because it handles better being a lighter car and more balanced. The Camaro is a cool design, don't get me wrong, but it is heavy and cumbersome comparatively. This is why with 111 less hp the Mustang darn near keeps up with the Camaro. The Camaro is more of a showy car than an all out performance car. The best version really is the V-6 that has adequate power and still has the looks. I do hate those horrible black steelies they put on them though. They make the car look so incomplete.

1st Dec 2009, 15:17

I took some friends car shopping this weekend and noticed that the bare-bones basic Camaro V-6 was selling for $32,000. ($5000 OVER list). That is ludicrous. Then I came home and read that the 2011 Mustang (out early next year) will have a new 305 horsepower V-6. The glory days of the new Camaro will, just as before, be a flash in the pan. With a better balanced Mustang at 10 grand less with the same power, Mustang will once more easily outsell Camaro by two to one.

That is NOT to say the Camaro is not a great car. It IS. I'm just saying that when the new wears off and the Mustang base 6 has the same power as the base Camaro the playing field will once more be level. The only advantage Camaro will have will be better color choices. For some reason Ford has basically dropped ALL their really sporty colors for the Mustang, and if I have to choose a boring colored Mustang or a flashy Camaro, I'll go with the Camaro.

5th Dec 2009, 20:32

A supercharged Mustang GT500 with a 5.4 and 540 HP is ONLY 2 to 4 tenth quicker than a Camaro SS that has 114 less HP, and for how much more!?

So for a lighter and stronger 'stang, it's a bit disappointing. For almost the same price of an ordinary LS3 'Vette, we would say "hasta la vista baby" to the Premium GT guy, who likes to play with numbers, and then he would bring the numbers of the Ford GT40 that he would bring on a trailer pulled by his 5k bucks snow truck knowing he had save a bunch compared to the ZR1 Corvette etc etc etc. What would he think if ever we have a supercharged Z28 Camaro. Will he play with numbers again?.

Camaros have, and will ALWAYS be more expensive and heavier than Mustangs, no surprise there! And Mustangs always tried to catch up Camaros and Corvettes, and some few times they succeeded. But history tells, then, and now, that Chevy won and win more than 3 to 1 or 5 to 7 or 10 to 12 and so on, if you want numbers, Diamonds are forever!.. More expensive than "premium" gold!.

So have fun with your 'stangs that in 2021 will have a twin turbocharged V-6, 505 H.P, lighter, cheaper to buy, than a Chevy with almost same power, but catching up 2 to 3 years later in beauty and engineering! So you could buy yourself a 5k bucks 2008 Ford Lightning pick-up for winter.. It's fun to play with numbers.

But for now " I say for now!" the Premium GT, IS still behind the SS.. like good 'ol times, and supercharged Fords ARE still behind supercharged Chevys, like today, and these are facts not numbers!

I hope for you, and it probably will, that Mustangs will outsell soon, the Camaro 100 to 1, or 4 to 1, 2 tenth faster, etc etc. so you could write on this site you were right with numbers to prove.

Now, where is my SS! By the numbers I've got to see 3 Mustangs before starting mine.. LOL.

7th Dec 2009, 08:53

A standard Mustang GT is only ONE TENTH slower to 60 with 111 less HP, and you could drop a supercharger on it and still pay a lot less than the Camaro and be much faster. The GT500 is all about the Shelby name and therefore marked up to be a poor value overall. This is due to collectors buying them up and the limited numbers they make. The GT would be a much better route, and you could get over 400 hp easily with a supercharger and forego the Shelby nameplate in favor of a $20K savings. You can also wait one more year until the 5.0 returns with around 400 hp, which will dust the Camaro without a supercharger based on the numbers they get now with only 315 hp.