15th Jan 2014, 15:26

A head gasket for these cars only costs 19 pounds sterling, and is a 2 hour job to replace. I had the head gasket, water pump, tensioner and timing belt replaced for 180 pounds including parts.

28th Jul 2014, 15:04

Hi. The Daewoo Matiz is a nice car to be honest. I drove a 99 model for 9 months, and used to do at least 100 miles a week.

Unfortunately my coolant was empty. I filled it up and the next day it was flashing on my dashboard. I didn't bother, and drove it for 2 days, and also I drove on the M1. There was heavy smoke and my car switched off. I took it to a garage; head gasket had gone, would cost me £500, I bought the car for £500, so no point investing in it. I scrapped it and got £150.

So it's better to scrap your car.