18th Feb 2009, 11:49

I have the use of a Matiz that has been standing for some time and has had an intermittent squeal for as long as anyone can remember. There was also the new instance of loss of coolant. This car was only used for short distances but I started using it for 12 miles to work.

The car squealed on me and was clearly hot, and lost 1L of coolant. I added new coolant cap, and I am not loosing water. I do however have a squeal after 12 miles especially if at the end of 12 miles I sit at lights. The fan comes on and the temp gauge rises quite rapidly to half way from its comfort zone at 30%.

I have added ZX1 to the coolant and engine and petrol, which is what I do to any car. No squealing on the way home even when the temp went up when parking and revving to see if I could induce squealing.

The bearing covers on the rear wheels look rusty, and possibly dry, and there is a lot of road noise. Is greasing these bearings an easy job?

27th Feb 2009, 07:54

If anyone has a problem with their Matiz cutting out randomly - especially if coasting, i.e. with your foot off the gas, and maybe with your foot down on the clutch. There would also be a strange sulphuric sort of smell after it had cut out and I had restarted. The problem was something that they called a map sensor, which I had replaced and the car hasn't cut out since. I hope that helps someone. The part itself was about £40 and the labour was minimal, about 1/2hr.

22nd Sep 2009, 03:18

Common problem faced by Matiz cars:

1) Yellow light - The distributor with sensor is replaced.

2) Back side engine water leak below the 3 bolted triangular piece. Mseal putty provided.

3) Wheel brakes - hand brakes jammed. Repaired.

Now 49,000KMs without no other problem.

27th Oct 2009, 04:36

At the moment I am trying to decide whether to scrap my Daewoo Matiz, or pay £400 for a new head gasket.

I've only had it for 6 weeks! Bought it from a private dealer (more fool me) and it's my first car, 8 days after buying it, it broke down, wouldn't start at all, fuel sensor had gone on it and it cost me £180 to transport and fix it.

Now I've not been able to drive it for the past week, as the water was just disappearing out of the car, pouring out from underneath one day, they thought a hose was worn away, but the garage have now discovered the head gasket has gone.

I'm in a quandary whether to just put it down to experience and a big mistake and get a better car, or whether to give it one last chance.

I only paid £600 for the car, if I repair it again, I'll have spent another £580 on it. Altogether costing me £1180!!

I thought I got myself a bargain, how wrong could I be?

On a positive note, when it's working it's lovely to drive and I do love the little car.

Would I ever have another one? No way. Wish I'd read these reviews before I bought it.

27th Oct 2009, 13:40

If head gasket is blowing away, you had better check the following:

> Inlet manifold for sure.

> Water pump.

> Cooling fan.

My Daewoo Matiz has twice had problems with the inlet manifold, but it was solved on the same manifold,& the rest it's running like a new born baby.

If your cooling fan is not running, that might be the big reason for the coolant getting evaporated pretty soon.

And last, check your water pump, that's it.

According to me problem it's related to inlet manifold & cooling fan.

Do reply to us.

6th Dec 2009, 06:41

My little Y-reg Matiz has just gone into the garage as I'd started to hear the cooling fan be on pretty much constantly, and when I stopped, you'd hear the engine hiss for a few minutes until it calmed itself down! Water is leaking from the drivers side of the engine, and the temperature gauge isn't particularly unusual - it sits at about half way on the gauge, but it arrives at half way much quicker than previously.

The garage have looked and told me it needs a new part. Initially they thought it was the water pump, but when they've looked closely, they said it was something to do with a seal or valve, and the intake manifold? I know absolutely nothing about cars!! I'd really appreciate some opinion on whether you think this sounds right or not, and how much you think this is likely to cost?

We have a really good garage, but they are a Citroen garage, they're happy to fix the car, but I'm concerned at how much (they're not like a standard dealer - they actually try and give you the best price - always!).

The car is still in the garage, as they said although it's not gone completely, they didn't want to take the chance of my driving and for the problem to get imminently worse, so they've given me a courtesy car whilst they keep her.

She's been regularly service, done approx 45K miles, I drive her about 200 miles per week, and have had her for 12months. Up to know she's been pretty reliable - passed MOT with flying colours, nothing flagged to be aware of, and has just had to had some new brake fluid - that's it. So would really appreciate your advice.

Many thanks.

11th Dec 2009, 11:59

My Matiz, I paid £1800 for.

First its heater packed in with lots of black filling up the inside when on hot, but alright on cold, and it was using a lot of coolant, and it wouldn't do more than 20 miles an hour.

Had it repaired; they said it was the matrix, it cost £400. Got it back, and the coolant is still leaking so I carry a watering can with me. I have to fill up each time I go to work on a 13 mile journey. There's white smoke like a smoke screen out of the exhaust, and squealing when I start up.

Also the brake light is permanently on, though the brake fluid is okay and the brakes.

The car still drives OK speedwise, and I use £15 a week on petrol for a five day journey to work 26 miles a day.

I'll run the MESSTIZ in to the ground.

Never again.

11th Dec 2009, 13:09

Owning a second vehicle is always a gamble. You don't have to criticize the Daewoo Matiz for the problems are you facing. You need to do the following things in order to get this vehicle back on the track.

Replace engine oil & engine flushing completely.

Clean injector.

Replace oil filter & petrol filter.

Change transmission fluid as well.

Drain your old coolant & replace with Castrol protector series with 1 1/2 liter of bottle & rest with water.

Get your handbrake switch changed. It has gone faulty.

Reset the ECM by removing the main fuse (40) for 30 to 40 seconds & then plug it in again.

Get your radiator checked. If perfect then splash water with pressure in front of the radiator completely, check the hose pipe`s as well.

Check thermostat, & always keep 2 to 3 fuse of cooling fan (30) cause the cooling fan fuse gets fused very easily.

Regarding leakage check water pump & inlet manifold, for sure these are only two reasons the water must be leaking.

First of all, the Daewoo Matiz is an excellent car to own, despite it doesn't have the strongest inlet manifold, which keeps on getting leaks after 30 to 40 thousand kms, but the rest of the car is a complete masterpiece.

Regarding any more queries on cooling problems, I have already posted a solution for this problem on this site.

I too have owned a Matiz for ten years; first owner & I still can't stop loving it.