14th Feb 2005, 10:55

Hi I own a Matiz SE+ since 3 1/2 years, but I have had no big problems with the engine or with water coolant system although I am from the island of Malta where we have very dry summer. The only thing I don t like of my matiz is gear shifting especially from 1st to 2nd which I find quite unsmooth. Then also I find problems with my factory installed sunroof because it leaks when it rains cats and dogs although it is closed and locked! The last problem I meet is a piston of my rear right wheel, in winter because of humidity it tends to jam. But I still love it.

26th Jan 2006, 21:13

I have a 98 Matiz with 180.000 Km. So far the only problem was a fuel pump at 70.000 km which was replaced under warranty and an intake manifold gasket at 160.000 Km.

Engine runs great and I intent to keep this car for another 8 years and 360,000 km.

Preco@dr.com Greece.

21st Feb 2006, 04:47

I have just recently bought a daewoo matiz at first I thought it was great no problems at all. within a week of me owning it my gears went on me, it cost me a lot of money to get it fixed other than that I think it is a nice car.

18th Apr 2006, 10:01

I Brought a Matiz in march on Ebay. (SE 2003) Very nice car apart from the gearbox. I find it very hard changing from the first gear to the second gear. Iv taken it to my mechanic and he told me that's how these cars are made. Quite frustrating.

6th Jul 2006, 05:13

For the past year I have had to check and top up the water in my Matiz more than usual. Then last week I discovered all the water pouring out from beneath the car. The manifold was leaking and in fact was so corroded that it had to be replaced at considerable cost. I've done approx 40,000 miles and apparently this is a common problem with these cars.

Apart from that, it has been very reliable, but I recommend it as a runabout in town, and it's not really suitable for long journeys.

30th Aug 2006, 07:19

I absolutely HATE my Matiz and, unfortunately, I'm stuck with it. Recently while going very slowly over a speed bump I put my foot on the brake and NOTHING!! Completely flat to the floor!! Oddly enough I was right outside a Chevrolet dealership. I took my car in and told them what had happened. I was told there was absolutely nothing wrong with the brakes. Last Sunday, driving out of a car park exactly the same thing happened again. Now I have to pump the brakes to get them to work. I will NEVER use a dealership again. This time it's going into my local garage where I know it will be thoroughly investigated. However, as soon as I can get rid of this pile of junk the happier I shall be. I have never felt so vulnerable in a car in all my life.

26th Sep 2006, 08:24


Have had my Matiz since August 2000 (Feb Built in Korea). Have driven the car all over East coast of Australia without fault though have bent a wheel and wrecked tire in large pot hole (hey it could happen to any car!) & when doors locked tried stupidly to open right hand side door catch - broke away completely in my hand.

Easy to service yourself - except can't find the radiator drain plug for flushing purposes (need to drain from lower hose only??). Thanks.

4th Nov 2006, 01:30

I have just acquired a 800 cc matiz, and its playing up, the symptoms are wont start in the mornings, but fine later, and appears to run out of fuel and stops, then will start again a few minutes later. Any information? paul.

8th Nov 2006, 12:30

I love my matiz had it 6 years, now someone has run into the back of it and it might be a right off, if so I will be looking for another.

Not had much trouble with it had a new cat ; 2years ago.

5th Apr 2007, 04:23

Hi there.

My name is Natalie de Lange and I live in Welkom, South Africa. I am the proud owner of a silver 800cc Matiz (1999).

I would like to fit a turbo to my car and would appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice as to what type of turbo to fit etc.

This is a great forum for us all - keep it up guys.



19th Apr 2007, 09:35

Please help!

Had my Matiz now for just 6 months and have had no end of problems. First the engine management light kept coming on and the car kangaroo-ing and sometimes cutting out. I was told it needed a new distributor and that this is a common problem with them. However after being told this, the car ran fine for 4 months! Then what appeared to be the same problem began happening again and so I replaced the distributor. Only to find it wasn't now this, but was a fuel injector problem! replaced that, but it was just the wiring which I had fixed. Then the car begins cutting out randomly, but will start again if left a few minutes, but then again sometimes won't until left an hour or so. Replaced the ignition coil, as I was then told it sounded like classic coil problems.

Again, this did not work and nobody seems to be able to solve the problem!

I have now spent over £300 on parts that I probably don't even need. (When I asked the Daewoo dealer why my car ran fine for 4 months after I was told it needed a new distributor @ £320, fortunately I bought elsewhere, I was told that sometimes you can take them apart and put them back together again and they will work fine again!)

I have no more money to spend on this car! Can anybody please shed some light on the situation?

27th Apr 2007, 05:40

I had a problems with Matiz cutting off, specially when I lifted off in slow speeds.

Reason was that ignition wire set was loose, so connection to the spark plug was not strong enough, when the engine then moved slightly, spark was lost and engine stalled easily.

Also you should check cable between distribution cover and coil, I had problems with that as well.

New ignition wire set was 28 euro, I installed that myself, since it is quite easy task, just do not mix the cables positions, better do it one cable at time.

Hope this helps,

2nd Jun 2007, 09:26

Hi there,

I'm a red Matiz'99 owner and reading your comments it seems that new Matiz (after Chevrolet acquired Daewoo) are the problem. In almost 9 years the only trouble I had was the cooling tank cap that was leaking. After change it, no more troubles at all.

By the way, I leave in Caracas Venezuela where temperature and humidity may be a big problem for a car...

12th Jun 2007, 15:29

Mine's a 2000 reg Daewoo Matiz. I had the problem of the engine cutting out while I was driving then wouldn't start for a few minutes, then it got so bad that it wouldn't start at all. The diagnostic tests said it was the idle speed control valve, but that was replaced and it was still having the same problem. Then they found out it was to do with a wire connecting to the immobiliser, which they replaced (the wire) and now its fine! Hope this helps!