2nd Mar 2010, 20:49

STRUTS?! SQUEALING?!?! WOW! I've never heard that one before! Ha!

No way it the struts unless you installed bigger wheels and tires that are rubbing on them during turns (however, this would be more of a rubbing/grumbling sound and you would feel the whole car vibrate.)

The most likely problem is a loose power steering belt. I had the same issue with my car on occasion (meaning that it wouldn't always do it. Like you stated it has stopped for now) when you turned the wheel, the power steering pump would have to work harder, but the belt wasn't tight enough to exert enough force on the pulley to turn the pump, so the belt would squeal and the wheel would become slightly harder to turn.

If it's not the belt, then it's the power steering pump itself that needs replacing.

By the way, I highly recommend you find a new repair shop.

Struts... Ha, that's a laugh.

19th May 2011, 14:39

What kind of seat covers did you put on it? Because I have a 97 Sebring, and the front driver seat is worn down. I'm needing a seat cover, but because of the way it is made with the seat belt, it is hard to find one.