18th May 2015, 02:35

I bought my first Corvette at age 32. Interestingly enough my older son bought a Viper at age 30. If that was my mid life crisis, that means now at age 61 my days seem numbered by your theory. There are certainly some Corvettes that are less desirable to own. 73-96 come to mind; many are entry level Vettes, and are relatively cheap. 97 is fine if it has an LSI vs LT1, as you could have both. I like mid years and C5s up. Some of the 30-40 set I know like 62s or the C5 or C6. Some are engineers, dual income types, or have a business. Not on a respirator or infirm. A lot have a cool street bike like a Street Glide; very common with Vette guys I know. We have fun.

20th May 2015, 22:34

There's a lot of very successful and not bad looking women owners buying late models. I met one with a new Jag, a C6 Convertible and a 69 Camaro Pace car as well. Shows up at various cruise nights, cars and coffee events here etc. Watch Barrett Jackson at some of the bidders to get a broad idea of who is buying. If you can afford the price of admission, it's no crisis, it's a blast!