15th Nov 2010, 17:16

The top 5 biggest recalls of all time are all from Ford and GM - one of the most recent being from Ford with 14.1 Million in 2009. That's a lot more than Toyota's 8 million this year. So does the 14 million vehicles recalled from Ford "not count"? Besides - if people were so concerned about Toyota and their recalls, then their stock wouldn't be going through the roof and they would be selling poorly - which they are not. And I agree with you. It's good to see companies that help US workers, which is exactly why my Toyota, which was made in California, uses more American workers than some of those so-called US cars made in Canada.

Lastly... is this argument ever going to end? Cars are machines. They are engineered, designed, developed, and sold throughout the world. It doesn't matter if the brand is from a US source. All car makers have factories, design studios, engineering facilities, and parts suppliers and resellers all over the world. We no longer live in a closed-loop economy, and buying a car that has a Japanese badge is not that different than buying one with an American badge. People will drive what they want to drive - which is why we operate in a free market economy.

16th Nov 2010, 07:30

How does building cars in Canada and Mexico help the U.S.? How does it help U.S. workers? How does it help the U.S. economy?

Canadian and Mexican made cars:

Chrysler, (50% Italian owned) : Town and Country, Caravan, 300, Charger, Challenger.

Ford: Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, Edge, MKX, Flex, Fusion.

GM: Camaro, Regal, Impala, Allure, Lacrosse, Equinox, Torrent.

Building these cars, and there's more to come, in Canada and Mexico DOES NOT help the U.S. It's time to get real. Domestic auto workers who are unemployed can thank GM, Ford and Chrysler.