2008 Toyota Camry 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


A costly car to own and riddled with problems


The transmission hesitated.

The air conditioning always had a mildew smell.

The sun visors broke.

The master cylinder for the brakes was replaced.

The steering u-joint was replaced.

The tires wear too fast.

The idle surged up & down.

General Comments:

The transmission hesitation was corrected when the dealership reprogrammed the computer. The problem was it had to be done on 3 occasions during a 60,000 mile period.

The mildew smell from the air conditioning could never be resolved. Even after changing the cabin air filter.

Both sun visors clips broke. The dealership installed them, but I had to pay for the new clips. Other than that, the seats wore down fast and most of the plastic materials started to rattle.

The brake pedal went to the floor. At the time the car was still warranted, so again the dealership installed a new master cylinder, but again I had to pay parts cost, why?

After the warranty was done, my regular service shop replaced the steering u-joint due to a loud clunk coming from the column.

No lie, the tires wore out every 20,000 miles. After changing the 4 struts, the last set of tires I put on were in great shape at their 20,000 mile mark before my trade in.

In the last 2 months we had this car, the idle would surge up & down in drive at a stop from time to time. I never bothered to have that checked.

I bought this Camry used in early 2009 with under 12,000 miles, and traded it in this past winter for an SUV from a different car company.

I won't be purchasing another Toyota again. I feel this car was poorly built and the transmission problem seems to be very common.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2015

16th Aug 2015, 21:05

Sounds like you got a lemon. I must admit Toyota built a few clunkers between 07-09 with the 2.4 engine in them. But the Toyota Camry is a great bang for your buck car... especially a used one... 02-06 were good years, also 10-11 were also good. But finding a clean 1 owner car won't be easy People know what they have and drive them to death. Also you have bad owners driving them as well as good owners driving them, so comb the Internet on how to buy a clean one.

But in all fairness, most cars start having issues after about 7-10 years of ownership, so be prepared to start restoring the vehicle little by little if you buy a used older model. eBay has everything to need to get started.

17th Aug 2015, 00:54

For the A/C smell, try this. Remove any interior cabin air filters and put back the air filter's cover. Place the switch on A/C, then turn the fan at max speed. Open the car doors to vent. Go outside near the bottom of the windshield and locate the air inlet by the vacuum sound it does, then spray in this air inlet some Clorox. Spray enough so it does get on the A/C evaporator that's inside the dash. Wipe with some water the plastic area where you spray so it doesn't fade because of the Clorox. You may repeat if the smell doesn't go away. Don't forget to put back the air filters a few days later.

2008 Toyota Camry SE 4 cylinder from North America




The stereo ate my CD's. I have the premium stereo with the 6 disk CD player, and it stopped ejecting them. The stereo was replaced under warranty. The stereo is a JBL, so it's hard to say that this was Toyota's fault.

If you get an SE model, be careful with tall curbs! The front spoiler is quite low, and I put a gash in the bottom of mine.

General Comments:

The Camry has been very enjoyable to own and drive. I'm averaging about 29 MPG with an average speed of 50 mph.

My previous car was a 2002 Honda Accord. In my opinion, I actually like driving the Camry better.

The car just works, and works comfortably. Almost nothing has gone wrong with the car, it's been very reliable.

I really like the looks of the SE model. Combine the SE with a 4 cylinder and you get decent performance and gas mileage. The SE model will still look good 10 to 15 years from now.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2012

30th Nov 2012, 07:58

This is why Toyota builds some of the best cars on the planet. Sturdy, reliable well-engineered vehicles. They not be the most exciting cars in the world, but they are about as good as you can get.

30th Nov 2012, 22:49

What planet? Neptune, Mars? Despite a few recalls, my 2009 Camry was low quality inside and out before it was traded in at a stunning 65k.

Problems from pealing clear coat, to worn seat cushions, to valves tapping in the cylinder head, to faulty A/C control panels.

All that was enough for me.

1st Dec 2012, 09:20

We had a 2001 Camry years back, and it developed a tapping noise that got worse and worse.

Then one day the engine seized. I looked at the oil dip stick, and before my very eyes... SLUDGE! $$$!

2nd Dec 2012, 08:05

We had major issues on ours as well. We are on Earth, and they were not reliable whatsoever on our planet.

3rd Dec 2012, 07:27

You Earthlings must be confusing the highly reliable Toyota with some other brand, as they consistently score among the highest automobile makes in quality & reliability surveys. :)

3rd Dec 2012, 10:57

And these quality and reliability surveys mean NOTHING to us "Earthlings" who got stiffed on Toyota's notorious declining quality.

3rd Dec 2012, 13:34

Must have been fooled by the huge Toyota sign and all the new cars inside and outside the dealership. Our bank was also fooled and granted our car loans. What's next with this guy, smoke and mirrors? You have a singular opinion. Don't feel you can speak for us. In a year from now, let's read the final score on this manufacturer and recall level for 2012. Until then, no more new Toyotas.

7th Dec 2012, 22:15

Wow, I'm glad to see people actually read my original post. To those that have experienced poor quality with your Toyota, I can feel your pain having owned various problem vehicles in the past. For future readers of this post, my comments are completely unbiased and based on an honest experience. Use them as you see fit, whatever planet you're on.