7th Feb 2011, 14:59

Glad someone else feels the same. I bought a G20 for $800, and it was one of the best trucks I ever had. Never had to spend a dime on it, and it was a reliable, unstoppable tank.

I ended up selling it for $1000 after using it for 2 years and not needing it anymore, one of the best investments I ever made.

Older V-8 GM's are bulletproof, I will never own anything else, as the quality does not compare.

I'm proud to buy American and have pride in my country and its products. Imports are not more reliable in any way, plus our economy needs all the support it can get in this difficult time of recession.

People who buy American seem to be more honorable, virtuous, and caring of others.

Anytime I have been stranded on the side of the road having run out of gasoline, or needing a battery boost, it has always been someone driving a domestic that stops to help me. Seems like those people like myself have more old fashioned values that include helping those in need, and thinking of others and being helpful and considerate.

Also with my experience buying used cars, anytime I have helped friends shop for imports, the sellers have been rude, dishonest, and have often sold the car before we came to see it, and failed to call us to tell us that.

Friends don't let friends buy imports! I don't anyways..

28th Oct 2020, 17:42

I just came across my own post from 9 years ago. Guess what? I'm still driving the same 1995 G 20 Chevy van! I have 188 thousand on it and it runs great.

Here is the repair list (all self done):

Outer tie rods, battery, tires, Y pipe into a cherry bomb muffler, just cleaned back brakes as they were making noise and locking up in reverse (especially) after it rains, still plenty of pad on them. The body has rusted out like crazy but that's my fault; when I bought it it had tiny holes along the bottom where there was once running boards, I should have plugged or covered them up. That's where the rust started. It also had a tree land on it in a ice storm, the branch came right through the roof. I jacked the roof back up, added some metal and silicone and it's doing OK. The electric window motors are broke, driver's one works but is slow. The back door had locked up on me. I ended up going inside, hitting the remote unlock button as I'm pulling on the rod in the door and it freed up. I also loosened up the back door top latch to get some movement.

But anyway. It was funny when I realized I was reading about my own vehicle. I paid 2700 for it 11 years ago, rust free with big fatty BF Goodrich tires on back and nice rims. I've not run them in years; I bought some thinner tires with aggressive tread for our winters here. It's called UMC conversion. I took all the seats out to haul my motorbikes around. I have bought 10 or 15 bikes over the years and dragged them home in my shorty van. I went camping one night this last summer. My son invited me out. The first night I drove my Dongfang 250 Ghost out there and slept on the ground. I lasted until 4 am, it got too cold (no blanket or anything, just a coat and a roll of paper towels for a pillow. Did not plan on spending the night. LOL) I went home, and almost got killed by a huge deer popping out of the bushes. I was doing 50 mph. The second night I brought the G-20 and lasted all night in 37-40 degrees in a sleeping bag. My nose was cold but I was toasty warm in the sleeping bag.

I love my van and she looks ugly so it's time to fix her up or let her go. The 4.3 still runs strong as well as the auto tranny. I'm guessing everything will break down at once when it does start giving trouble. But I've been saying that to myself for years now, LOL. I go easy on the gas and brakes, but I would never believe it would still be good 9 years later. Unheard of. This has to be the best van or any vehicle ever made.