13th Mar 2011, 15:47

I believe the above comment was a criticism phrased as a question. This is after all a review about the North American Chevy Aveo. BMW got dragged into it because someone repeatedly claimed he a was a BMW driver, and knew all Chevrolets were superior to all Hyundais.

He claimed no one with common sense would choose any Hyundai over a Chevrolet, and that the notion of Hyundai making anything good was laughable. Then he said all the BMW drivers would agree to this. I agree that BMW claims, especially from Australia, do not belong here. BMW is so irrelevant to this discussion. We should go back to talking about the Aveo and true competitors in its class like the 'laughable' Hyundai Accent, or Ford Fiesta.

13th Mar 2011, 19:46

Again, what on Earth does this have to do with a North American review of an Aveo? Leave BMW posts on BMW threads. The two cars are as different as night and day. I don't care about the above post!