30th Oct 2011, 22:06

I bought my '97 Sebring convertible in June with 144k for a mere 1600 bucks. The car took a sticker with no problem, and had only 950 miles put on it in the previous year. The paint was fair, tires were legal but crap, so I bought a used set at a salvage yard. It has the Mitsubishi 2.5LT, and it gets around 16MPG in the city.

I bought it as a cheap summer toy, and now it gets ready to transition to winter beater. I have put 1600 miles on it since June, and it has given me no trouble. I know things will break on it sooner, rather than later, but it's been a fun car to have as a first convertible, and worth every dollar I've spent on it.

When it craps out for good, I'll have no issue buying another one, maybe in the 99 or 2000 area, as long as it has the 2.5, and not the 2.7.

12th Dec 2016, 05:13

No, these cars weren't even nice when they rolled out of the factory.