8th Jul 2015, 20:29

One of the cars mentioned is a 6 figure car with the LS6. The Cuda Hemi 7 figures. Condition matters. If you own either one of these great cars, people will find you. The neat thing is rarity combined with desirability. Extremely popular rare models are a great combination. Very unusual cars can be, but the further you drift from the norm, the less ready buyers there are. Took me a while to figure this out. Emotional attachments and over restoring unpopular models can be costly.

9th Jul 2015, 09:21

In 1970 GM also offered the GTO 455 Ram Air IV, and also the Judge, 4-4-2 W-30, Buick 455 GSX. All sharing the same frame as the 70 Chevelle SS, but typically with heavier curb weight. The 454 LS6 was underrated HP at 450 stock, but actually 500 plus, add on the Muncy Rock Crusher 4 speed and it is quite a car. The LS5 is a great find, as is a 396. All of these also could be ordered as a convertible.

In 1970 it was an amazing year seeing all these models in showrooms. Cost wise somewhere near 5k. I could have bought a 70 Superbird for 5k brand new on a dealer lot as well. A bit too wild, and the rear spoiler would have not cleared my garage door.

In 71 the Chevelle changed the front end and the HP dropped due to insurance pressure. The single front end lights were not as well received. Some liked the round tail lights that year, but I prefer the 70's lights. The 70 has a great muscular front end design. It's a real head turner. Of all the American muscle cars I have owned, this is one I plan on keeping. Now I just need to find a original 69 Z/28 as well to stash away and drive. I am certain it's a very good investment over time as well.