22nd Sep 2015, 19:18

People that shop in the luxury segment want highly optioned, high end cars. Those with discerning taste have a multitude of domestic and import high end models. Some of us drift back and forth, and can pick full size Jaquars, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi models that are either designed for upwardly mobile consumers, mature owners, and/or those in the higher income segment. If your home is paid off by 50, why cramp up in little cars. I don't care how many toys are in them.

Times change and I cited a few import models alone on this comment that will be more than glad to take your money. If I drive an hour or more each way, I can surely afford the gas or I would turn down the position. In effect, you are donating 10 hours plus a week of your very own time unpaid on the road.

The luxury cars we have do long distance driving very frequently. You have yet to comment on sizable space for 4 with luggage on a trip. We are not skimping on pennies. My family would stay home vs being cramped up with luggage on distant trips. Must make do isn't making it.

22nd Sep 2015, 20:52

PS: My comments were heavily edited. But in essence in characterizing me as someone under 50 and a supposed infatuation with "technical gizmos", that is no different from me suggesting those over 50 must all like big floaty cars with crushed velvet interiors and Parthenon chrome grills. If that is the "ideal" luxury to some, it's not so for everyone, and hence to each their own.