14th Mar 2016, 09:50

Update #2:

Thank you for your advice, and I know I wrote this review several months ago, but I have made it official and I will soon be dumping the car for good. My 2nd clutch is now bad and the dealer said it will take 8 weeks for the next one to arrive. I have put 10,000 more miles since this review was written (started driving for Uber), and I can't deal with these problems and the dealers anymore.

My final words about the Focus: Ford replaced the regular automatic with a torque converter to a dual clutch automatic for 10% better gas mileage, but what did they sacrifice? Reliability and consumer safety.

29th Oct 2017, 02:32

Not to sure what you are saying. Is it a clutch problem or transmission problem. I have had the clutch replaced 3 times already and #4 is about to get replaced at 50,000km. No more Fords for me.