10th Dec 2015, 09:08


I was finally able to get a new clutch assembly installed in my Focus, and yes, I've waited for several months for this to be resolved. Even though it drives better, it still makes some shuttering noises. I'm hoping this will be the last time my transmission will need servicing. I have a 60,000 mile warranty on the car, and when it expires, I will be selling it. Sadly I still would not recommend anyone buy a 2012+ Focus with the dual clutch transmission.

19th Dec 2015, 14:24

Bring it back to your dealership or try a different one. I work for a dealership, and for the customers experiencing this issue, we give you a loaner and tell you to not drive the car until it's fixed. Not because we worry that you will damage it further, but because we believe that this is not the experience Ford had imagined for its customers.

I'm just a tech so I don't know what goes on upstairs, but what needs to be done is a re-flash on your ECU and a replacement (black box) of the entire transmission to resolve the issue. DCT is an amazing concept on paper, but outside of Ferrari, nobody has been able to execute it without issues. There is a fix and it comes in the new trans assembly. Ford pays the technicians and the dealership for the entire trans if we replace it; I have no clue why your shop replaced the clutch... the whole assembly is wrong. Most of the time it does work, but when it doesn't, it needs to be completely replaced.

I hope you get a chance to read this.

14th Mar 2016, 09:50

Update #2:

Thank you for your advice, and I know I wrote this review several months ago, but I have made it official and I will soon be dumping the car for good. My 2nd clutch is now bad and the dealer said it will take 8 weeks for the next one to arrive. I have put 10,000 more miles since this review was written (started driving for Uber), and I can't deal with these problems and the dealers anymore.

My final words about the Focus: Ford replaced the regular automatic with a torque converter to a dual clutch automatic for 10% better gas mileage, but what did they sacrifice? Reliability and consumer safety.

29th Oct 2017, 02:32

Not to sure what you are saying. Is it a clutch problem or transmission problem. I have had the clutch replaced 3 times already and #4 is about to get replaced at 50,000km. No more Fords for me.