5th Jan 2016, 13:12

If you don't agree, it's your choice.

But the guys in the front line are really helpful.

Moreover, quality-wise they have improved a lot on the 2016 model year Tiggo 5. Please don't get confused between the Tiggo and Tiggo 5.

If you have any doubts, please go and visit the showroom to view one.

11th Nov 2016, 08:27

OK - you did know it was Chinese when you bought it, didn't you?

What did you expect?

A friend used to sell Chinese motorcycles. A customer asked once why the Chinese only gave 1 year warranty while the Japanese gave 3.

My friend replied the difference with these bikes is if it breaks down out of warranty, you just buy another one and keep the first for spare parts.

30th May 2019, 07:11

Don't close the doors hard, and by that I mean just bang it like it's crap, then perhaps you might not come across the issue with power windows at all.