16th Jul 2016, 21:20

Interesting review/update, thank you. I wrote the diesel Mazda 6 review above yours. As you can see I was satisfied with the car to begin with, but a couple of years down the line, disaster. That was the diesel model though, they are famously bad. Was considering buying a petrol Mazda 6 again, but ended up getting a Volvo S60, a brilliant car so far. Shame about the Mazda really - I think it is as we have both said in our reviews a decent reliable car in general, and something a bit different from your Ford Mondeo/Vauxhall Vectra or whatever, but the long term durability of the Mazda 6 seems to be average at best; even when they were only a few years old I remember seeing a lot about with rust already starting on the arches! Terrible by modern car standards. Honestly, back in the day I had 1980's Fords and Audis that looked better at 10 years old.

16th Jul 2016, 21:31

Thank you for the regular updates, after seeing so many Mazdas rust I skipped them myself.