16th Jul 2016, 16:29


The underside of car is corroding after only 10 years and the paint is bubbling in places.

Have replaced front suspension components.

Air con cog fell into engine and could have blown it up! No longer works, as repair is too expensive.

Just developed an oil leak.

It hasn't ever broken down, but neither is the car in the condition one might expect of a 10 year old executive Mazda.

These cars are a reasonable buy at the price, but don't expect Honda or Toyota build integrity or high mileage without replacing suspension components.

Has been a decent car, but now it's drinking oil and leaking it, which wafts into the cabin on occasion; I am expecting to buy a new car soon.

Won't be another Mazda.

16th Jul 2016, 21:20

Interesting review/update, thank you. I wrote the diesel Mazda 6 review above yours. As you can see I was satisfied with the car to begin with, but a couple of years down the line, disaster. That was the diesel model though, they are famously bad. Was considering buying a petrol Mazda 6 again, but ended up getting a Volvo S60, a brilliant car so far. Shame about the Mazda really - I think it is as we have both said in our reviews a decent reliable car in general, and something a bit different from your Ford Mondeo/Vauxhall Vectra or whatever, but the long term durability of the Mazda 6 seems to be average at best; even when they were only a few years old I remember seeing a lot about with rust already starting on the arches! Terrible by modern car standards. Honestly, back in the day I had 1980's Fords and Audis that looked better at 10 years old.

16th Jul 2016, 21:31

Thank you for the regular updates, after seeing so many Mazdas rust I skipped them myself.