30th Jun 2017, 10:44

Never saw these luxury cars as an appliance. That description to me equates as a plain to and from work or store cheap vehicle for mundane tasks. Put many miles in them til they are worn out. Depreciation not a factor as they were very cheap to start with. Divide how many years you kept by the low entry cost and that's about all it served.

I wholeheartedly agree on the Town Cars. We had new ones in our family. Every weekend we drove to the Sourh Jersey shore over 100 miles each way. Luggage fits as most other things going to a shore house. Plenty of room for all. There's no hairpin curves or road courses for us. These cars actually do most of the work. Easy to drive and steer. Set it on cruise and try to keep under the speed limit. The best thing is the comfort and nice ride on the way there and return when tired. You aren't beat to death or crammed up; if you fret over fuel I guess it's an option.

1st Jul 2017, 01:37

"It's called knowing how to drive a full-size car".

Uh-huh. Does the term "unsprung weight" ring any bells with you?