31st Jul 2017, 12:47

I liked the 73 T Bird and the 75 Malibu styling. Can Am. Little else til the late 90s.

31st Jul 2017, 16:57

I am sorry if I was misunderstood. I meant "tired" in the sense that other car manufacturers in the year of 1975 were basically re-running the previous year's car style with few styling cues changed, while Chrysler introduced this particular car fresh for the year 1975. This was the premier year for this car and it ran basically unchanged until 1977. In 1978 and 1979 they had the different light treatment, and squared out the car somewhat, while 1980 to 1983 saw the final change before they dropped it. In 1975 this was a new car, and new in the sense that it was not produced before. The style was new for Chrysler. The other manufacturers were either in the middle or ends of the styling change for their models, therefore there were little "new" happenings that year comparably. I am sure that Chrysler decided to release the Cordoba the year they did for that reason... to make their car stand out in a field of cars that were becoming "tired". As for the Grand Prix and Cutlass, I also think that they are definitely the better styled of the GM trio.

24th Oct 2017, 00:07

You're absolutely right, the Grand Prix deserves more credit. When anybody mentions Pontiac, it's always the Firebird or GTO which is OK, but I'll take a 1970 Grand Prix 455 with the rare bench seat and column shift automatic.