3rd Aug 2017, 17:21

Oh I totally agree. I wonder what they were thinking at Chrysler. By this stage in the game they got so far from what they started off with that I can't even imagine what they would end up looking like if they continued manufacturing them. They went from a B platform with a 318, 360, and 400 engine to a J platform with a 225 slant 6 as standard with a 318 optional. Damn the oil crisis. This really put the squeeze on things as far as performance, weight, and styling. The 80s versions of this car were most definitely a product of economy, and due to Chrysler trying to whip a dead horse, this is what we got. They would have better off shelving the Cordoba until we recovered a bit. This would have at least given Chrysler time to work on a better alternative engine style rather than down playing/powering their former engines to anemic levels. I guess this was their plan, they took a shot, and had to live with it. You see how long it took for them to re introduce the Charger after they altered it to non recognition. Who knows what the future holds for the Cordoba.

13th Oct 2017, 16:09

Final usually means final. They ceased to be built after 1983.