31st Oct 2017, 18:34

Here we go again with the whole wanting to know what others own.

31st Oct 2017, 21:38

Uh, how do YOUR comments "add to the review"? Did you have an actual "model ownership" of the car on review? Mentioning '63-'64 on a '69 review. In case you didn't know, '63-'64 (2 out of the second generations 4 years) have pretty much nothing in common with the '69 model except the name, a couple of transmission choices, and the 327 V8 option. Other than that they were completely different cars on completely different platforms and frames. It's not like the B- body platform Impala/Caprice which was almost unchanged mechanical-wise from'77-'96. My original question is why would somebody reply to their own comments? Doesn't make much sense to me.