30th Oct 2017, 09:49

I bought an Impala for $175 once. I drove through inspection and the inspector asked if I was spraying for mosquitoes. He punched numerous holes in my inspection card pre-computer days with fails. If you slammed the trunk very hard on these cars, the rear bulbs often would loosen and go out.

I had a 3 on the tree trans. So often the linkage would hang up and stick at a red light. So your car is at an intersection while you slide under the car to bang the stuck linkage loose You never knew when it would happen so it kept life interesting. I always liked the feature of pulling the key out with the car still running on pre 69s.

I flipped this gem; don’t really count it as a car I owned as it was a pile. A new motor and changing it to a 4 speed as the pedal was present would be worth the effort today. Back then it was a profitable flip with tags that were just running out. And too much to make it worth fixing.

30th Oct 2017, 22:32

Please explain why you reply to your own posted comments.

31st Oct 2017, 11:10

Please explain how that comment adds to this review? Did you ever own, drive or add any actual exact same make and model ownership relevance to the review? It you wish to critique, add some real life data to a review. You seem very unhappy on your comments. Perhaps buying a vintage Impala may put a smile on your face. They were fun.

31st Oct 2017, 18:34

Here we go again with the whole wanting to know what others own.

31st Oct 2017, 21:38

Uh, how do YOUR comments "add to the review"? Did you have an actual "model ownership" of the car on review? Mentioning '63-'64 on a '69 review. In case you didn't know, '63-'64 (2 out of the second generations 4 years) have pretty much nothing in common with the '69 model except the name, a couple of transmission choices, and the 327 V8 option. Other than that they were completely different cars on completely different platforms and frames. It's not like the B- body platform Impala/Caprice which was almost unchanged mechanical-wise from'77-'96. My original question is why would somebody reply to their own comments? Doesn't make much sense to me.

1st Nov 2017, 11:56

It seems the only person on the Impala review upset is you.

2nd Nov 2017, 18:40

At least I'm not the one replying to my own comments to make it look like I have a following of viewers.

2nd Nov 2017, 19:12

I'm going to lock this thread to further comments. It's not going anywhere good. No one owes anyone personal information that they don't want to divulge (such as previous cars owned), so it's not OK to make an issue of that. It's also not OK to speculate on people's motives or character.