Cielo GL 3 door hatch 1.5L petrol SOHC fuel injected

A cheap and cheerful little car which is still a pleasure to own

184 words

Cielo 1.5i

Cheap and disposable

167 words, 1 comment

Cielo 1.5 fuel injected

Economical, but unreliable

134 words

Cielo GL Coupe 1.5L DOHC

Good to Borrow, Bad to Own

67 words

Cielo GL 1.5 Litre petrol

Good car to drive as its cheap to run and gets the job done

105 words, 1 comment

Cielo 1.5 MPFI SOHC

A very average car

94 words

Cielo GLX 1.5 petrol

Value for money

172 words

Cielo GL 1.5

A gorgeous disguise. A hassle on it's way

120 words

Cielo GL 1.5 Single OHC

A car designed to be thrown away after 100,000 km's

279 words, 48 comments