20th Apr 2010, 07:12

I own a 99 model Daewoo Cielo GLX. I overhauled the engine myself just after I purchased it, that was about just over 2 years ago. Just love this car, haven't faced any major issues with the car besides a few things here and there.

My point is if you look after the car, it is a very reliable car...

21st Apr 2010, 16:01

Yes it is a reliable car, Daewoo made the best car`s in their time, specially in the 90`s car`s like Cielo, Espero, Nexia, Matiz, Lanos, Leganza were their best best cars. All we need is to change their regular oil & a bit car of the vehicle while we drive; that's it & the rest the car does it for us. I wish Daewoo would hit the roads again.

25th May 2010, 07:07

I own a Daewoo Cielo, and I must say it runs very well and is very economical on fuel. Mileage is at 140000 kms and I have had no engine problems. Parts are also available in Kenya. There's a Korean shop in Hurlingham that stocks genuine new parts.

13th Oct 2010, 17:45

My Daewoo Cielo 97 has now done 265000kms!!! And cos I don't whinge about the little problems and give it a bit of bush mechanics, she's running fine and I haven't spent a dollar on it. Did I mention it cost AU$350? It's an ugly car and I don't like it.

26th Dec 2010, 20:08

I just bought this car about a month ago, and all I've had to do to it is replace the back springs and replace the exhaust with a Borla 2.5 inch pipe and a high flow cat. I have just put a turbo on it, along with extractors, lumpy cam, performance chip, and direct port nitrous oxide, and the car flies. I mean it hits the 13 second mark on the quarter mile, so I don't know what people are complaining about.

12th May 2013, 12:01

Hi, I have a 1997 Cielo, it is very nice car. Keep the water in the radiator mixed with plenty of glycol to preserve the aluminium cylinder head. My car has done 220,000 KM and uses no oil. It still goes like hell! :-)

28th Jun 2014, 06:23

I have removed the ignition barrel. What's the trick to putting it back in? Please help. I can't move the car now.

16th Apr 2015, 22:27

You or the previous owner are the cause of your Daewoo being unreliable as you say.

A vehicle is only as reliable as its owner. Neglect and run your Daewoo into the ground and it will break down on you; it's as simple as that.

A Daewoo I serviced some time ago was blowing smoke and had noisy valves, and less the 2 litres of oil, very black and thin, came out of the engine. After servicing this Daewoo and adding oil stabilizer, the car was running fine.

The fact is too many people neglect their vehicles and then leave negative comments on any make of vehicle. I have been a mechanic since I was 19, and I'm now 60 and I do know what I am talking about, from the thousands of vehicles I have worked on.

If you want your vehicle to be trouble free, look after it.

4th Jul 2016, 10:36

That's 100% right, my country manufactures the same car (Nexia) and it's very common that drivers service the car every 5000km, and it can do 300,000 km with the same engine.

18th Jul 2016, 09:14

Being young I may lack knowledge about Cielos, but I can submit something. My Dad bought a Daewoo Cielo GL. I hear him say the car is a road master, very stable indeed, which makes him say he can't imagine losing it. I have driven the car several times and I like it. I wish I had one. The greatest secret is to love your car and treat it like a member of your family, and the reward surely will be great.

27th Sep 2016, 17:39

To all the Daewoo Cielo lovers out there, it is indeed a nice car. I got mine 18 years ago, today is has 520000 km and the only problem it has now is noisy hydraulic lifters.

28th Sep 2016, 09:34

Hi, just reading up on the post about the negative responses about the Daewoo. It's a great car overall; it's how you look after it and maintain the vehicle, and like others have said, if you get the car secondhand, due to wear and tear these types of things happen.

I have recently just brought a Daewoo Cielo 1996 car about three weeks ago. Got it with the motor running on three cylinders. I pinpointed the problem and I found it was one spark plug lead gone bad, so I just replaced the spark plugs and a set of leads; now the motor is running as good as gold.

I have just recently replaced the front brake pads, and also just got a few minor exhaust leak holes done on the tailpipe of the muffler.

The only problem I have now is when I'm driving along the road I have some humming or womp, womp, womp noise coming from the left side of the car. I think may be coming from the rear left of car; still have to pinpoint where it's actually coming from, but in saying all of that, the car drives nice, and because I bought it second hand and due to it having wear and tear already, things like this are going to happen, especially if the previous owners have neglected the car over time.

10th Oct 2016, 02:53

I pinpointed the problem that I had with the noise I could hear coming from the left rear of the vehicle. Found out it's the tire; it's got a high spot; as the tire turns, it causes the vibration noise while driving. It's an out of round tire, so if anyone else has any problems like that, first check the tire or wheel, then check to see if it's the bearing or not.

13th Nov 2016, 07:07

Hi, did you get any help? I also have a Daewoo Cielo 1997 and it's heavy on fuel since someone worked on my engine. I want to know where to adjust the fuel consumption?

5th Aug 2018, 14:31

The problem with these cars is that they used a GM designed engine, which had many reliability problems.

The Cielo and Espero used GM designed engines which had reliability problems; I guess they were poorly designed and built to last about 100.000 km. Old technology!

Even the air conditioning system, which is not made by Daewoo, but an original USA built system, was not reliable. US technology, what would you expect? Crap.

You think US made Chevy's are reliable?. They are not.

Newer Daewoos, like the Nubira, Lacetti, Gentra, Tacuma, have newer designed engines and they are reliable; many have over 200-300.000km and still run.

4th Jun 2022, 19:51

Interestingly I have a similar car, though I've not really enjoyed it as I keep spending money on what I feel is now becoming too costly.